Sleepaway Camp Events

Sleepaway Camp Reunion

Sleepaway Camp Reunion (2001)

On April 7, 2001, SLEEPAWAY CAMP once again made history! It has been 18 years since SLEEPAWAY CAMP was unleashed upon the world and 18 years later, the film's following is STRONGER than ever! When I arranged this reunion, I expected we would draw in a pretty good group of people...but the turn-out was absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Sleepaway Camp Reunion II

Sleepaway Camp Reunion II (2009)

Here it is campers: SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION II at MonsterMania! After 11 pages of requests for a "Sleepaway Camp Reunion" at MonsterMania and hundreds of fan requests to the website, it was time to do this again.

Flashback Weekend

Flashback Weekend (2002)

Team Sleepaway slices through the "Windy City" at the first annual Flashback Weekend Convention. Lots of special Horror and Sci-Fi film guests filled the 3 day/night convention including EVIL DEAD’S Bruce Campbell with the women of EVIL DEAD (Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly).

Sleepaway Camp Does Texas!

Sleepaway Camp Does Texas (2001)

Robert, Felissa, Jonathan, and Jeff head to Chainsaw County for 3 nights of Midnight Sleepaway screenings. Sleepaway Camp Returned to the Big Screen in Austin, Texas. This event was hosted by ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE marked SLEEPAWAY'S first time on the big screen since 1984!!!

Angela Returns to Fangoria

Angela Returns to Fangoria (2002)

Angela returns to Fangoria after making a bloody splash at the Sleepaway Camp Reunion, "Angela" Returns for more convention cadavers. Fans from all over the states and even Canada made their way to the Marriott in Brooklyn, NY to meet some of their favorite horror movie stars.

RTSC Preview at Fangoria

RTSC Preview at Fangoria (2005)

Preview & Panel for RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Felissa talks about making movies, Robert answers questions with, "Maybe," "We'll see," and "anything is possible"... while Paul and Jeff keep quiet fearing the consequences of Robert's Revenge if they say anything except "Maybe," "we'll see," or "anything is possible."