Sleepaway Camp Tributes

CKY Sleepaway Camp Tribute

CKY Tribute

How many people do you run into that claim to be movie buffs, yet have never heard of Sleepaway Camp?

Kara's Sleepaway Camp Tribute

Kara's Sleepaway Tribute

Camp Superfan Kara shows us her Angela impression!

Jared's Sleepaway Camp Tribute

Jared's Sleepaway Tribute

It's such a cool thing to see that SLEEPAWAY CAMP lures in fans of all ages!

Joy's Sleepaway Camp Tribute

Joy's Sleepaway Tribute

Superfan Joy shares her love of Sleepaway Camp.

Ryans's Sleepaway Camp Tribute

Ryan's Sleepaway Tribute

Ryan discusses the very first time he watched Sleepaway Camp.

Angie's Sleepaway Camp Tribute

Angie's Sleepaway Tribute

Angie talks about her love for Sleepaway Camp and discovering!


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RTSC Art by Tony Andruss

Tony presents his favorite characters "Bella," "TC," and "Angela" in comic form!

Sleepaway Camp Tattoo

Sleepaway Camp II Angela tattoo

Sleepaway Superfan Kevin shares some Angela Ink with us. Check out his "Sleepaway Camp II" Angela tattoo! He informs us that he also has a "Sleepaway Camp" 1 tattoo on the way!

Sleepaway Camp Song

Sleepaway Camp Song

Longtime Sleepaway Fan Dylan Giambatista sent us this awesome song that he made.