Return to Sleepaway Camp On-Set Scrapbook

The step-brothers: Michael (Michael Werner) and Alan (Michael Gibney)
The tranformation begins

Ricky (Johnathan Tiersten) and Angela (Felissa Rose) on the night of the big reveal
Bella (Shahidah McIntosh) loves her snacks!

Felissa and Jeff on the dock with CKY
Cheryl and the Hayes boys on set in the camp kitchen
Vincent Pastore teaches the sheriff how to properly grab a crotch as Jeff watches in hysterics!
Jeff on the set of the camp kitchen

Jeff and Michele Tatosian Hiltzik suited up for the paintball scene
Who's the man? Jeff with the living legend: Ronnie (Paul DeAngelo)!
Jenny (Jaime Radow) poses for a shot in a rehearsal cabin

Pierre and Jose: The kings of props on location for the Angela scene
Robert sets up a shot over the baseball field

Pierre and Jose: The kings of props on location for the Angela scene
Weed (Adam Wylie) putting together a joint
Alan (Michael Gibney) after a long night of camp madness!
Robert makes sure everyone gets the point!
Dusk approaches along the shore of Camp Manabe
The croquet shoot
Felissa zooms in on the DPs ATV
Felissa Rose before shooting her scene as "Angela"
Felissa and Paul need a hug after that ending!
Felissa and sweet counselor Petey (Kate Simses)

Frank (Vincent Pastore) rehearses the aftermath of Weed's demise
Robert goes over a Dining Hall scene with Vincent
Felissa and Jeff get ready for some Sleepaway Campin'!
Jeff at the scene of the crime: Bella's nail bed!

Karen (Erin Broderick) and Marie (Samantha Hahn) pose for a snap
Mike Madde prepares 3 "dead heads" for Sheriff Pete's murder
Jeff mixes fake blood to pump into Bella's nail bed
Pee Pee (Paul Iocano) and Ronnie (Paul DeAngelo) pose for a shot
Pee Pee (Paul Iocano) grabs a snap with Vinny
Group photo taken on one of the last filming days
Pee Pee (Paul Iocano) and Mark
Ricky (Jonathan Tiersten) and Angela (Felissa Rose) meet again!
Robert goes over the script with Paul in the dining hall
Sheriff Pete (Carlo Vogel) poses with his "dead head"
First day on the waterfront
DP Ken Kelsch makes sure camp looksl ike it always did
Who belongs to "the face" Jeff is holding???
Felissa, dressed in her "intruder" outfit holds a pickaxe while Jeff holds the RTSC clapboard
Paul, Felissa, and Vincent rehearsing
Dusk by the boathouse
Randy (Byre Cooper) prepares for castration by rope!
Yes, there is a severed penis in that bag!!
The beautiful Hancock, NY
The long road to camp
Jeff introduces RONNIE'S SHACK. The HC stands for "head counselor"
Jeff and Vincent Pastore as Summer Camp turns Fall
Stunt rehearsal for Mickey's fryolater murder
Lenny Venito puts on his Mickey face!
Spaz (Jake O'Conner) and TC (Chris Shand) prepare for what's to come
Michael (Michael Werner) prepares to vent
Cooch (Lucas Blondheim), Jeff, and Spaz (Jake O'Conner) plan some camp pranks
Sheriff Jerry and Jeff outside Ronnie's Shack
Jeff does an on-set interview with Vincent Pastore
Michael Tatosian and Felissa Rose by the croquet set
Jeff and Camp Lifeguard Alex (Ashley Carin)
A shot of the crime scene right after Bella is killed
Aunt Gracie happily serves canteen to Manabe's crazy campers