Behind the Scenes of Sleepaway Camp 2

Pam Springsteen rehearses a scene On the set of SLEEPAWAY CAMP II: UNHAPPY CAMPERS
Pam and Director, Michael Simpson, go over how to approach the scene
Fake blood is applied to "Demi" for the guitar-string strangulation sequence
Make-Up Master: Bill "Splat" Johnson applies the leech make-up to Valerie "Ally" Hartman's pretty face!
...And a close up!
How's this for a skinned and severed head?
The fake head of "Sean" gets a brush up as it sits in the lap of a make-up fx assistant. What is it about decipated heads in laps and SLEEPAWAY CAMP?
Working out details on the INFAMOUS Toilet drowning sequence! No doubt, one of the best horror movie deaths ever!
Pam walks with the leech-infested Ally to go grab some lunch.
It's Chow time on the UNHAPPY CAMPERS set! Anyone up for some Bar-B-Que?