Angela Returns to Fangoria
Weekend of Horror's 2002 - Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, January 6, 2002 was an exciting day for Horror buffs. Fans from all over the states and even Canada made their way to the Marriott in Brooklyn, NY to meet some of their favorite horror movie stars and get all the latest news and sneak previews of upcoming horror movies. At 3:00 pm, FELISSA "ANGELA" ROSE was scheduled to appear on stage with "HORROR" Director, DANTE TOMASELLI to preview his upcoming flick. Before the show, FELISSA and I got the chance to catch up with some of the coolest folks in the Horror biz...including a razor-clawed boogeyman that gave just as many NIGHTMARES in the 80's as ANGELA did. Move over JASON...ANGELA is Takin' New York again!

Felissa and Jeff with FANGORIA'S main man: Tony Timpone
Felissa and Jeff with ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT's Mike Felsher. Jeff and Michael Simpson (SLEEPAWAY 2 and 3 director) worked with Mike to get the sequel rights in the hands of ANCHOR BAY for some killer DVD Releases (Coming end of summer 2002).
Who is that woman behind the infamous Mask?? I think JASON may have some competiton on his hands!
Jeff and the "HORROR" crew just before showtime. Left to Right: Jeff, Danny Lopes (star of DESECRATION and HORROR), Felissa, and director Dante Tomaselli.
Dante and Felissa on stage!
Angela SWEET Angela
The HORROR crew sign autographs for a line of excited fans...
...BUT We still know what Movie brought half of them here (Hint Hint - look at what Felissa is signing... if it's too hard to make it out, let me tell you: SLEEPAWAY CAMP!!!!!).
Awww, how can ya not love "the chick wit' the dick!?" LOL
Rachael, Felissa, and Jeff pose for a snap.
Long Live The SLEEPAWAY Die-Hards!! Awww yeah baby!
Jeff shoots the shit with Bill Mosely who played the infamous CHOP TOP in TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 and will soon be seen in Rob Zombie's anxiously awaited upcoming flick: HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES!!!
...AND NOW the confrontation that you've all been waiting for!!! The HELL with FREDDY VS. JASON...We've been waiting too damn long!! The real question is: Does MR. KRUEGER have what it takes to take on Horror's #1 FEMME FATALE?????