Oct 26, 2017

HAPPY HALLOWEEN CAMPERS!!! WOW, sorry for the delay in updates! The reason for that is a good one though, "Angela" herself, Felissa Rose and I have ben working on "GHOULISH" a brand new feature length movie that's gonna shock your camp socks off! Written and Directed by Jeff Hayes and starring Felissa Rose in a lead role as Dr. Ortiz, an empathetic court appointed psychiatrist.

Also in a cool camp coincidence, SLEEPAWAY CAMP III: TEENAGE WASTELAND's Daryl "Riff" Wilcher has a role in this gruesome new movie as the pimp owner of a home escort business. The flick is about a necrophile suffering with violent fantasies of attacking women so he can have their corpses and own their skeletons! His fantasies are on the verge of becoming reality. Can Dr. Ortiz help to stop this before it's too late?

Hayes states, "As I was writing the psychiatrist character, Felissa continually popped into my mind. I kept thinking of her empathetic portrayal of Angela in "Sleepaway Camp" and knew she could play this character inside and out! Then when we shot it and we brought it to life, I was very pleased to see Felissa do exactly what I knew she could do. Her performance is top notch perfect!" The extended Trailer for the movie can be viewed below...

And there will be more details to come on it's Blu Ray release over the next couple of months. Please visit the official GHOULISH website for Updates and info on how to order a copy for yourself and all your skeletal friends!

CALLING ALL CAMPERS!!!! Our dear friend KIM WALL ("Cindy" in SLEEPAWAY CAMP 3/"Marcy" on RECTIFY) is dealing with some serious stuff right now- She is a 14 year survivor of pancreatic cancer and recently started a GoFundMe to help with medical costs and to get a documentary out about her struggles with the disease and share her message of hope and various remedies she has used over the years to help others with this scary illness. If anyone can help, please donate to her humble cause, which is a benefit to hope, mankind, and life itself. We love ya Kim! Let's show some more love Campers!!!!! CLICK HERE TO SHOW KIM SOME LOVE AND SUPPORT!

On July 28th, SLEEPAWAY CAMP 1, 2, and 3 were screened in 35mm at the Cinema Arts Theater in Huntington NY. To celebrate all 3 movies on the big screen in 35mm for thr first time, I sent FELISSA to the screening to be part of the celebration! Robert Hiltzik even showed up with his family... and to catch it all, SLEEPAWAY SuperFan Thomas Pugliese shot some videos to share with Sleepaway fans worldwide!

Check out this cool SLEEPAWAY TAT photo sent in to us by Stephanie!

And check out Erin's recreation of the "shit sisters" for Halloween!

More Updates: ROBERT HILTZIK has developed the next SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Now it's all about finding the right studio fit. PAUL "RONNIE" DEANGELO is working on some entertainment related ventures including possibly some more films. KIM "CINDY" WALL returned for the series finale of the critically acclaimed Sundance Channel drama RECTIFY. DARYL "RIFF" WILCHER still loves to look at nudie magazines in tents, or these days on the computer. You can catch him in a brand new movie role as a suburban pimp in "GHOULISH" coming soon. CONGRATULATIONS to AMY "SHIT SISTER" FIELDS for her new degree and graduation! JONATHAN "RICKY" TIERSTEN'S movie "Blood Reservoir" has had many reshoots and has been re-edited with new structure. The new version is currently seeking distribution. And FRANK MAXIMO "PETER" SORRENTINO still owes me $200.

June 6, 2015

We hope everyone had a Happy HALLOWEEN!!! Here at SleepawayCampMovies.com we have a TREAT for everyone- Check out the new SLEEPAWAY III VIDEO COMMENTARY WITH MARK OLIVER and Jeff Hayes. See "Tony" himself discuss the final 5 minutes of the movie. What did he think about Marsha telling him she had a boyfriend after everything they had gone through!??? Find out right here! Also, more website goodies to come. Keep your eyes peeled.

June 6, 2015

As we begin to rock into the summer, I hope you're ready for a whole bunch of exclusive new website goodies! With the Blu-ray/DVD releases of SLEEPAWAY CAMP II and III slashing onto the scene from SCREAM FACTORY this June 9th, this summer is starting out with a double bang!

To further celebrate the releases, we are gonna take you behind the scenes of the Blu Ray bonus features in Atlanta! Co-producer/webmaster Jeff Hayes has assembled a fun group of his Camp New Horizons buddies and even a "sh*t sister" from Camp Rolling Hills to recollect their camp memories for you. As a nice companion to the new documentaries on the new discs, here on the website you can catch up with crazy campers like "Riff" and snotty bigots like "Cindy"... or catch up with "Tony" (who's still dealing with some major PTSD from his nightmare at Camp New Horizions in 1989)! And that's not all. Head on over HERE to join us behind the scenes and catch additional interview footage and lots more.

And as if those marshmellows wern't enough, SLEEPAWAY CAMP III fans are going to get the chance to SEE and HEAR some of your favorite characters in our brand new VIDEO COMMENTARY section! Here you'll be able to watch scenes from the movies with video commentary.

We will also have some BRAND NEW contests coming soon where you can win SIGNED SLEEPAWAY CAMP II and III 8x10 promotional stills and more!

We hope you have taken notice of the new website design, compliments of Tania Prince, who has made the website mobile-friendly so that you can now enjoy it to the max on your smartphones!

Finally, as an additional note, many of you have asked why Pam Springsteen was not involved on the new Blu-rays. The answer is this: We tried very hard to get her to come onboard and do an interview and commentary for all the fans, but, unfortunately, she didn't want to do it. It's saddening because all the fans wanted her on there more than anything. I'm sure she has her reasons. Some have said that perhaps she had some unresolved bad blood with specific crew from the movies and didn't want to be involved because of that. But instead of dwelling on the negative, let's enjoy everything that did happen because SLEEPAWAY CAMP II and III are being re-released on Blu-ray with fun new features!!!

May 29, 2014

The Blu Ray has arrived!!!

You can now own SLEEPAWAY CAMP on Blu Ray/DVD combo available from Scream Factory.

In celebration of the release, we held a contest to win a signed Blu Ray and a signed Poster of the new artwork. We would like to announce the following winners: FIRST PLACE (Felissa Rose autographed Blu Ray/DVD) goes to: JAI SCHULER and SECOND PLACE (Felissa Rose signed poster) goes to: DANIELLE FOREMAN


And to further CELEBRATE the release, we bring you the brand new MULTIMEDIA Adventure: BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE SLEEPAWAY CAMP BLU RAY. Here you get the chance to go behind the scenes of the making of the new documentary on the Blu Ray/DVD and the new Robert Hiltzik/Jeff Hayes commentary! Come hang out with Aunt Martha and friends! Take some fun video trips...and Enjoy it RIGHT HERE.

May 2, 2014

Courtesy of SCREAM FACTORY and SLEEPAWAYCAMPMOVIES.COM... here's your chance to win a signed copy of the new Blu Ray/DVD combo, signed by a MYSTERY Sleepaway guest!

The rules of the contest are pretty simple. You have to answer 5 questions. One entry per person! If you get all 5 questions right, you will automatically be entered into the drawing (to be held on May 27). Contest ends on May 26th. Winner announced that week.

Here are the questions, GOOD LUCK!

  1. What character in SLEEPAWAY CAMP was the "butt" of many practical jokes (including getting shaving cream and a "butt" in his face)?
  2. Which of the PSYCHO sequels were released in Collector's Edition Blu Ray's from SCREAM FACTORY?
  3. What was the name of the cop in SLEEPAWAY CAMP with the world's phoniest mustache?
  4. Which upcoming SCREAM FACTORY release starring Guy Pearce is a gory tale of cannibalism?
  5. Who is your favorite character in SLEEPAWAY CAMP and why?

Send your answers to: sleepawayjeff@hotmail.com with the word SC CONTEST in the subject line.

October 31, 2013

It's Finally Happening Campers! SCREAM FACTORY is set to release SLEEPAWAY CAMP in all it's High Definition Blu Ray Gory Glory in 2014 (tentatively slated for Spring). The new transfer will be completely UNCUT and restored from original film elements. This should be one slick looking transfer! Transfer to be supervised by director Robert Hiltzik. Bonus features to include a new Retrospective Featurette, and a whole bunch of video treats from the past decade as SLEEPAWAY slashed it's way through the comeback trail.

August 5, 2013

Frank "Gene-o" Saladino and his brothers have made a Zombie Apocolypse song and video. Frank plays guitar on the track while his brother "Mighty Matt Saladino" spits a hardcore rap and their other brother Louis does some rock singing on the chorus. You can watch the new video on Youtube HERE.

June 20, 2012

We've got a new video interview with Frank Saladino for you this summer! Here, he recounts playing Counselor Gene-O in SLEEPAWAY CAMP and tells of some scary real life horrors on the set. You can check it out right HERE.

January 15, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR Campers! It’s been a while but the campfire is still burning high. We’ve got some exciting things coming your way this year…in the meantime, let’s celebrate some of the highlights from 2011.

Daniel Owens has put together a short documentary following his experience at the midnight screening of “Sleepaway Camp” at the Nuart Theater in Los Angeles California, July 29, 2011. It features discussions with attending fans and special guests Jonathan Tiersten and Felissa Rose. You can check it at randomdreamerstudios.com/?p=3323.

And continuing on SLEEPAWAY CAMP’s Summer theatrical tour 2011, here are a few photos from Chicago’s TERROR IN THE AISLES where SLEEPAWAY played with special guest Robert Hiltzik.

Photography and copyright by: Robert Sepulveda

Director Dave Campfield has supplied sleepawaycampmovies.com an exclusive clip from his comedy-horror "Caesar & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre" Click HERE to view. The Sleepaway Camp spoof features Deron Miller (CKY), Brinke Stevens, Joe Estevez and Felissa Rose in a role that lampoons her best known character. The feature is currently available for purchase at amazon.com and most online retailers. And keep an eye out for the Silent Night, Deadly Night spoof, "Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas" coming in late 2012. Visit caesarandotto.com for info.

July 15, 2011

SLEEPAWAY Returns to the big screen AGAIN this summer with a showing in Los Angeles on July 29th! A special guest or 2 will be on hand!! Go to http://test.landmarktheatres.com/lmk/12520.html?mkt=12520 for more info. Also, it will be playing in Chicago during the first weekend of August and director ROBERT HILTZIK will be on hand to discuss this summer slasher epic. More details to follow soon! And last but not least, check out this cool SLEEPAWAY Treat made available during SLEEPAWAY screenings last month in Ohio!

August 10, 2010

After YEARS of speculation about WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUDY, Camp's #1 Bad Girl is BACK in the brand new bloody short film "JUDY" from webmaster Jeff Hayes. You can view the trailer HERE!! The complete movie will be making it's premiere on sleepawaycampmovies.com this fall. Judy's Back...and so is her curling iron!

July 20, 2010

Jonathan Tiersten, Live at the Meadowlands National Rock Con, with Styx, The Smithereens, and more! (Friday, July 30th 6pm-11pm) www.nationalrockcon.com for details.

Jonathan Tiersten, with David Fagan. Monday, August 2nd, 2010 at the historic Maxwell's, 1039 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030. Doors open at 7:30pm, Horror begins at 8pm. Tickets are $10, purchase in advance at www.MaxwellsNJ.com (highly suggested) Happy Campers! Killer Music! Surprise Endings!?

May 27, 2010

Canada is about to launch their Cable Premiere of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP in High Definition!! MAY 28th at 9pm ET on Super Channel 2 and Super Channel HD2. Check the link for additional dates and showtimes!

Check out this cool SLEEPAWAY video review from CINEMA COOL!

GENO - INVENTOR TO THE STARS! Frank Saladino is soon to be launching his new Invention website here: www.TRENTCOUSA.COM. Watch for the upcoming Video Interview with Frank this summer!

Sleepaway Supefan Kevin shares some Angela Ink with us. Check out his "Sleepaway Camp II" Angela tattoo! He informs us that he also has a "Sleepaway Camp" 1 tattoo on the way!

Canadian Superfan Greg invites you all to Join SLEEPAWAY CAMP 3's DARYL "RIFF" WILCHER on Racks & Razors Blogtalk Radio! The show airs on MAY 29, 2010 at 8pm PST. Fans can call in and talk to "Riff" during the show. But be careful what you say because he's got plenty of bowls of oatmeal to smush in your face...and rumor has it that he keeps a gun in his tent hidden under the girlie mags! Tune in here.

March 1, 2010

The SLEEPAWAY CAMP universe finally enters the world of High Definition! Watch RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP in HD on Netflix!!!

For those of you that have a Netflix subscription and can stream movies directly to your television, a campy treat for you awaits! You can now watch RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP in 1080p HIGH DEFINITION. The transfer is crystal clear so you can really soak in the bloody camp atmosphere from the cabin walls and green grass to the smashed in heads, severed body parts, and skinned corpse! Check it out here!

You can stream the movie in HD to your computer as well, but if you have a netflix streaming module or Blu Ray Player with NetFlix capability, then you can enjoy this on your Big Screen TV in full High Def. Enjoy.