December 2, 2002

Happy December Campers!! Sorry for no November update...been busy doing lots of shooting on the upcoming: GRANDMA'S SLOPPY SECONDS. We're gonna kick of this month with a NEW SECTION called FAN SPOTLIGHT! Every month or so, a fan will have the opportunity to have an article published on the website where they can talk all about their love for SLEEPAWAY CAMP. This month, ANGIE CAMPBELL kicks things off with her tribute! Check it out RIGHT HERE! If you are interested in proclaiming your love for all things SLEEPAWAY, just shoot me out an e-mail and we'll arrange a month for your article debut. Until Next time, Keep On Campin' and talk to ya soon!

October 31, 2002

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from UNDER SURVIELLANCE Update from Director DAVE CAMPFIELD: 85% of the film is complete as of Sunday, Oct. 27. Principal photography is scheduled to end beginning of December. Then begins editing. FELISSA ROSE shot her remaining scene last week. Also of note to fans of the website, UNDER SURVIELLANCE will feature a clip of webmaster, JEFF HAYES rap song: "RUNAROUND" from his forthcoming debut solo album!

October 15, 2002

Hellllo Campers! I meant to get these up a few months back...but at long last, Here are some really cool new photos from the SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION taken by Fangoria's Staff photographer: Mike Manikowski. Enjoy!

September 24, 2002

Today we launch a first look at the beginning stages of SLEEPAWAYCAMPMOVIES.COM's inevitable spin-off site: THE OFFICIAL FELISSA ROSE WEBSITE! From here you will be able to keep up with all Felissa's projects and appearances, get LINKS to her movie projects, see her 'steaming' photo gallery, bio, and more! This will all soon be a part of FELISSAROSE.COM...with even more goodies to come! Enjoy! And all you Campers out there in CALI...don't forget to camp with Felissa at the FIRELIGHT SHOCKS FILM FEST in MODESTO This coming weekend (where she will unveil a premiere of Dante Tomaselli's HORROR!)

September 12, 2002

Straight from Anchor's the New SURVIVAL KIT Cover art that will soon be invading shelves everywhere and replacing the original RED CROSS version

September 11, 2002

GET 'EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT!! If you currently have a SLEEPAWAY CAMP SURVIVAL KIT in your posession, you know you've got your hands on a Collector's item! But NOW, The value has just gone up!! Due to an issue with the AMERICAN RED CROSS All future SURVIVAL KITS will no longer be able to display the RED CROSS logo!! Anchor Bay will be releasing new packaging very soon for all future SURVIVAL KITS... SO, If you have one of the original SETS, You already have a Collector's item! And if you don't, go out and get one before they're all gone! All you campers out there in the California area, don't forget to camp out with FELISSA ROSE at the FIRELIGHT SHOCKS film festival on SEPT. 27, 28, and 29th! Felissa will be there as a representative of Dante Tomaselli's film HORROR which will be shown at the fest.

September 4, 2002

Today we have a special CAMP Tribute for the website written by DERON MILLER of the band CKY (Camp Kill Yourself). As if you couldn't tell by the band's name, CKY has a very SC influenced band-mate! Deron is a long-time SLEEPAWAY fan and is here to spread his love for the films! CKY's New album hits stores on Sept. 24th!

Check out FELISSA'S Brand New ADD Interview! ADDMOVIES.COM is a cool new site in which movie buffs can review their favorite flicks in 20 words or less...And here, FELISSA has to answer her interview querstions in 20 words or less! Check it out!

August 20, 2002

It's a Glorious Day for Campers all across the country! The SLEEPAWAY CAMP SURVIVAL KIT is officially released TODAY!!! Check out THIS AD from the Massachusetts BEST BUY Flyer!! Look at that KILLER Price and Killer promotion for our allmighty DVD Set! Also check out SEQUEL DIRECTOR, MICHAEL SIMPSON'S Notes written for SLEEPAWAYCAMPMOVIES.COM about The DVD releases

Over the last two years since James Hendsbee, the British Columbia webmaster (Sleepaway Camp Lives), first contacted me and asked for an interview about SC2&3, I have greatly enjoyed corresponding with the fans of those movies.

One of the people who has been instrumental in helping to create and maintain the great Sleepaway fan base is Jeff Hayes who has consistently provided me with excellent feedback from all the campers who visit his site about what bonus extras they wanted on the dvds. He was key to the success of the dvds and I want to thank him for all his efforts.

I worked closely with Anchor Bay and Crest National on the authoring of the SC2&3 dvds and the two companies did excellent work. To bring the movies into the digital age in first-rate condition, the dvds were created from new, low contrast prints struck from the original negatives that had been stored in pristine condition at CineFilm Lab in Atlanta. This process allowed for the best possible look for the movies.

Numerous bonus features that fans have clamored for are also on the dvds. I believe the behind-the-scenes footage will be of particular interest. It gives a real feel for what it was like on the set during the production of the movies. It shows rehearsals for several key scenes including the infamous Mac Truck sequence shot in downtown Atlanta for the opening of SC3.

I'm delighted to know that a new generation of fans will now be able to enjoy these camp classics in all their rigor mortis glory. The talented cast and crew had great fun making these movies and it's my hope that the fans will have as much enjoyment watching Angela's Sleepaway exploits.

Michael A. Simpson,
August 2002

And Finally...Okay, Okay, I know, I know... Sorry for taking so long, But here they are!! The RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP FAQ'S. More to come!! So what are you waiting for? If you haven't done so already, Get out and grab your SLEEPAWAY SURVIVAL KIT today and celebrate camp with us!!! Enjoy!

August 2002


HOWDY CAMPERS! Got a GIANT Update for ya today! We've got Lots of new goodies lurking around the website! Choose Your PATH then come back for the rest!

SLEEPAWAYCAMPMOVIES.COM SLASHES THROUGH CHICAGO! Exclusive Photos from this Amazing Event which marked another RETURN for SLEEPAWAY to the BIG SCREEN and the THEATRICAL World Premiere of JEFF HAYES' gruesome 30-minute flick: GRANDMA'S SECRET RECIPE (Featuring FELISSA ROSE as Newscaster: ANGIE ANGEL & a cameo by SLEEPAWAY writer/director ROBERT HILTZIK)!! Take an exclusive look as Rose, Hiltzik, and Hayes blow through the Windy City!

THE SLEEPAWAY CAMP DVD TRILOGY SURVIVAL KIT is now creeping up in stores across the country (although it's official release date isn't until August 20th).

And we've got lots of Fun New Sequel exclusives slashing around! Check out BEHIND THE SCENES of: SLEEPAWAY CAMP II: UNHAPPY CAMPERS from the Awesome ANCHOR BAY DVD!

Also Take a look at the amazing new SLEEPAWAY CAMP II WIDESCREEN STILL GALLERY

...And when you're done with that, Check out these incredible DELETED GORE SCENES from SLEEPAWAY CAMP III: TEENAGE WASTELAND from the awesome ANCHOR BAY DVD!

...and Just when you thought you've seen it all, think again...cuz we have even more to come!! Y'all come back now ya here?

July 31, 2002

Just an update to let all you FLASHBACK WEEKEND Attendees know that SLEEPAWAY director, ROBERT HILTZIK will be joining Felissa and Jeff at the SLEEPAWAYCAMPMOVIES.COM table on FRIDAY and he will also be at the Pickwick Theatre for a SLEEPAWAY CAMP Q&A on FRIDAY Evening. Get ready for the SLEEPAWAY CAMP and GRANDMA'S SECRET RECIPE slashin' double feature!!! See ya at the show!

July 16, 2002

Felissa, Jeff, and GRANDMA'S SECRET RECIPE get a mention in the JULY issue of FEMME FATALES MAGAZINE! CLICK HERE to check it out! Also, time slots have now been designated for the screenings in Chicago!! The UNCUT 35mm screening of SLEEPAWAY CAMP will start at 7:00 pm on FRIDAY, AUGUST 2nd...and starting at 6:30, just before SLEEPAWAY, will be the THEATRICAL WORLD PREMIERE of GRANDMA'S SECRET RECIPE!! Come get your Double-Dose of Felissa in this Killer GRUESOME Two-some!!

July 15, 2002

Fans have been requesting this one for a while...and it's time to deliver the goods! Straight from the blood-soaked shower and onto your computer monitors...It's The M-E-G!!! That's right campers, the queen of the counselors is here with some trivia to share! Check out the EXCLUSIVE KATHY KAMHI Interview HERE!

July 10, 2002

ENTER our EXCLUSIVE NEW CONTEST where you can win a 3-Day-Pass to FLASHBACK WEEKEND and see an uncut 35mm screening of SLEEPAWAY CAMP on the Big Screen...and meet ANGELA herself, FELISSA ROSE! One Entry per person and ENTER Now because the Contest only lasts ONE week from Today!

Contest has ended

GRAND PRIZE WINNERS: Rob Galluzzo (New York), Mike Medina (California)

July 4, 2002

HAPPY 4th Of JULY from

It looks like Campers are gonna get another chance to see SLEEPAWAY on the Big Screen!!! As part of the upcoming FLASHBACK WEEKEND, there will be a 35mm UNCUT screening of SLEEPAWAY CAMP to open the theatrical festivities and start things out with a BANG! The event will take place on Friday, AUGUST 2nd (check here for updates, times, changes, etc... ). If you've ever wanted to see the cult masterpiece on the big screen (and missed out in 1983 or last year in Texas), then come join us in the Windy City! Come camp with FELISSA ROSE and me... and perhaps even the mysterious MR. HILTZIK!!! We'll keep you posted!!! Also check back here within the week for a CONTEST where you can win TICKETS to the EVENT.

In other SLEEPAWAY cast NEWS, it looks like our buddy "Ronnie" (PAUL DEANGELO) has a new flick underway. It's tentatively titled: DESTINATION FAME. More details to come! And we've got a KILLER New interview coming with another familiar SLEEPAWAY face within the next week... so sit tight and be ready for another surprise!

Also, check out the next issue of Firelight Shocks (issue #4) which features a chat with our lovely FELISSA ROSE as well as Doug "PINHEAD" Bradley and David "LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT" Hess among other horror icons! Firelight Shocks will be showing Dante Tomaselli's HORROR at their upcoming festival in San Francisco, CA this September! Check out their cool website dedicated to keeping the Independent Film Alive and Screaming!

June 17, 2002

RIFF RETURNS in today's news! That's right, SLEEPAWAY CAMP 3's favorite thug, DARYL WILCHER, is prepping a new project not only as an actor but also a screenwriter!

Our very own RIFF from SLEEPAWAY CAMP 3, Daryl Wilcher, is welcoming a return to the screen. Many of you who have read the DARYL WILCHER INTERVIEW know that Daryl currently does a lot of behind-the-camera work these days, but what some of you may not know is that Daryl is also an aspiring screenwriter! He recently completed a script entitled: "THE WISHBOX" about a magical trunk that drastically changes the lives of the people who come in contact with it. The script is a fun melding of many genres, especially comedy and fantasy, but also has strong tones of drama and action in the mix. Daryl recently shot a promotional video for "visual conception purposes" and is currently shopping the script around the industry with his friend Chet, who will direct. One of the lead roles in the film, is that of an amiable but struggling artist, which Daryl wrote for himself to play. He has always wanted to play a comedic type role, and now he's following his WISH. Below are some Brand Spanking New widescreen-photos of DARYL WILCHER from the WISH BOX Visual. Check them out and enjoy...

...and Speaking of the SLEEPAWAY Sequels, The SLEEPAWAY CAMP 3-pack SURVIVAL KIT (complete with all 3 SLEEPAWAY movies) has a release date set for late September. Director, Michael Simpson recently completed recording his commentaries for the discs in HOLLYWOOD with another major force in the SLEEPAWAY sequels development. Michael says that he had a great time doing the commentary and that the tracks are "fun" and "kept in tone with the sequels."

June 3, 2002

Any SLEEPAWAY fans out there in the CHICAGO area?? Felissa "ANGELA" Rose has been selected by FEMME FATALES Magazine to represent their 10 year Anniversary at FLASHBACK WEEKEND this AUGUST!!! Click here for all the details!

May 9, 2002

Check out the brand new 4 PAGE SPREAD ON FELISSA ROSE & SLEEPAWAY CAMP from the 10th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE of FEMME FATALES! "My Angela, How you've grown!" CLICK HERE!!!

April 30, 2002

Well Campers, I know you've been waiting a long time for this one! The questions about SLEEPAWAY CAMP and speculation are endless... and only one man really knows the answers. Now, in this Exclusive, we proudly give you a look inside the mind of the one and only creator of SLEEPAWAY CAMP: ROBERT HILTZIK. And just remember, some mysteries are meant to be a mystery! Check out: THE MYSTERIOUS MR. HILTZIK!. More to come as we patiently (and impatiently LOL) creep closer to pre-production on the long awaited sequel...

April 5, 2002

CHAT With FELISSA ROSE Sunday Night! On Sunday April 7th, at 7:00pm CENTRAL, Felissa will be attending a chat at Come Join Angela for some internet stalking!

April 2, 2002

Felissa Rose's upcoming flick TRITE THIS WAY features an ode to our beloved SLEEPAWAY in more ways than one.

Below, director Jason Heath describes his "ode to SLEEPAWAY CAMP" in the film:

"In the film, besides having Felissa, there is an homage to SC. My favorite line in the film...."hey Angela, why you so fucked up?" one of my favorite scenes as well. Felissa, our story-teller, actually turns on the main character of our story, when she does, she addresses the camera and says" Hey Levi, why are you so fucked up?" the story is a take on the old after school specials, it looks, feels, and plays like one. Demented Drama. Word.
it's self aware
it's inside out
hence, Trite This Way

Below are some photos of Felissa on the set of this innovative upcoming indie flick courtesy of director Jason Heath...with commentary by Jason under the photos.

Felissa taking a break from being inside out.
Scene from the film, our narrator reading, to self, the story of trite from the book of trite
Felissa and Josh Riebel staring at each other. Felissa shows up in the punk rock dream sequence.
Josh, Felissa, and Ryon taking a break.
Felissa and Josh
Felissa playing with my son Justin and brother Ryon.

Also, a lil' update on the upcoming SEQUEL DVD's... Director Michael Simpson will be meeting with a representative from ANCHOR BAY later this month to go through the prints of the films and discuss bonus elements in further detail. We'll keep ya posted..

Also, Over the past few weeks, Many of you have told me that you have had a hard time trying to view certain pages on this website due to a lot of folks downloading stuff on the site at the same times...Well, Worry not, you may still see a bit more of this but we'll have the problem taken care of soon!

March 26, 2002

Today we have something super cool for all us SC SEQUEL FANS! At Long Last: A NEW photo of PAM "Angela" SPRINGSTEEN and RENEE "Molly" ESTEVEZ can be found HERE!! They both appear in the APRIL 2002 Hollywood issue of VANITY FAIR Magazine! Check it out!!

March 18, 2002

Sorry for the delay in updates Campers... but to be honest with ya, there isn't a heck of a lot going on at the moment. In another few months we'll start posting some goodies as RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP rolls into preproduction.

Today we have 4 new fan photos from the SLEEPAWAY REUNION courtesy of Sean. CLICK HERE to view. And speaking of the SLEEPAWAY REUNION, FANGORIA's staff photographer: Mike Manikowski has just sent me out a bunch of exclusive never-before-seen photos that he took at the event and I'll have them up soon!!

Also I'd like to give a mention to a new website Greg Tiderington has created in honor of our sweet Angela: Felissa Rose. He did a great job and you can check it out HERE!

February 28, 2002

Today we add some SOUND clips from Felissa's upcoming movie: UNDER SURVEILLANCE! Click HERE to access some MP3's of dialogue from scenes in the film!

February 11, 2002

FELISSA, JEFF, and RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP get a cool mention in the Feb. 2002 issue of FEMME FATALES MAGAZINE!

February 8, 2002

On Sunday Feb. 10 Felissa will be doing a live chat at: ALLHORRORMOVIES.COM
Chat time is 7:00pm Central, 8:00pm Eastern
Come Join in and chat with "ANGELA" Herself!

January 28, 2002

Today we get a new On-Set still from Felissa's upcoming flick: UNDER SURVEILLANCE.

Heidi spices up in the mirror
Director Dave Campfield in character.
The masked killer
Fellas watching the apartment rooms on SURVEILLANCE cams!
The killers mask
Here's a new photo from on the set of UNDER SURVEILLANCE. The characters shown here are: are HEIDI (Felissa) and her sister SONJA.
Here's the first on-set still from Under Surveillance courtesy of director Dave Campfield

January 7, 2002

Today we debut EXCLUSIVE photos from yesterday's FANGORIA WEEKEND OF HORRORS 2002! ANGELA Takes NEW YORK once again...and confronts everyone's nightmares as she bumps into the man with the dirty hat, red and green sweater, and razor clawed glove! Are You ready for ANGELA and FREDDY? CLICK HERE for the lowdown and showdown on ANGELA'S RETURN to FANGORIA!

Also ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT told me at the show that the SLEEPAWAY SEQUEL discs should be ready around AUGUST. So get ready for some summer camping!!

January 2, 2002

FELISSA ROSE will be appearing on stage at the FANGORIA WEEKEND OF HORRORS (at the Marriott Hotel) in BROOKLYN, NY on SUNDAY: Jan 6th at 3:00pm with "HORROR" director DANTE TOMASELLI. They're bringing the trailer for "HORROR" and some other clips from the film....and are also gonna do some Q&A. You can get your tickets at the hotel on Sunday if you haven't already done so...check out for pricing and seating info.