Sleepaway Camp Interviews

Felissa Rose Interview

Felissa Rose

"What ever happened to Felissa Rose??" My own curiosity had been wondering the same question for years! So along with some assistance from co-webmaster John, we did our digging and found "Just what I've been looking for!"

Karen Fields Interview

Karen Fields

Two Decades Before Lindsay Lohan and her pals became "Mean Girls," Karen "JUDY" Fields and Kathy "Meg" Kahmi gave that title meaning at SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Karen joins us to discuss the ultimate camp bad girl!

Allen Breton Interview

Allen Breton

"At least I'll go down in history for something" says ALLEN BRETON when asked how he felt about being remembered for his infamous moustache in Sleepaway Camp! He refers to the later moustache as "That plastic caterpillar thing"

Jonathan Tiersten Interview

Jonathan Tiersten

A lot of fans have wondered what ever happened to "Ricky" and here you will find the answers as well as many tidbits of information about the cult phenomenon straight from the mouth of "Ricky" himself!!

Kathy Kamhi Interview

Kathy Kamhi

Kathy played "MEG," queen of the counselors and got the chance to play a real "bitch" of a character! From her ARMY-SERGEANT audition to her skin ripping demise, Kathy takes us back to SLEEPAWAY CAMP and in this exclusive interview.

Desiree Gould Interview

Desiree Gould

Desiree Gould's quirky AUNT MARTHA was one of the most unique characters to grace the silver screen in the 80's. Her unique and amazing performance is a rare 80's gem of twisted mastery from the beloved slasher-cinema.

John Dunn Interview

John Dunn

You all remember "Kenny", the camper who loved to shoot his mouth off at Cousin Ricky and pick-on innocent little Angela. Of course that's why he ended out dead under a canoe with a watersnake oozing from his mouth!

Tom Van Dell Interview

Tom Van Dell

Most people who crossed paths with our favorite femme-fatale, Angela, found themselves wrapped in black plastic. There weren't many exceptions. "Mike" walked out of SLEEPAWAY CAMP alive! Leaves ya guessing doesn't it??

Loris Sallahian Interview

Loris Sallahian

Imagine being stung to death by bees while trying to take a "Wicked Dump?" That would really STING, don't ya think? Well, Loris "BILLY" Sallahian has BEEN THERE and DONE THAT, and now the one-time camp "BAD BOY" is back to talk with us about it!

Frank Sorrentino Interview

Frank Sorrentino

After a nasty speedboat accident in the lake surrounding CAMP ARAWAK, Peter Resurfaced! Well, of course you wouldn't know that it was Peter who resurfaced unless you saw the bone-chilling climax of SLEEPAWAY CAMP.

Frank Trent Saladino Interview

Frank Trent Saladino

This interview with Frank Trent Saladino Jr. (or "Gene-o" as you all know him) brought back a whole world of memories that he considers to be "one of the greatest times" in his life. Frank was happy to share with us many of those memories.

Robert Hiltzik Interview

Robert Hiltzik

Over the years there have been a lot of questions asked about SLEEPAWAY CAMP that only one man can truly answer. That man is the creator/writer/director of the beloved cult 80's slasher masterpiece: Robert Hiltzik.

Frank Saladino Video Interview

Frank Saladino Video Interview

Counselor Gene-O returns to talk Sleepaway Camp three decades later in this exclusive new video interview!

Karen Fields Video Interview

Karen Fields Video Interview

An exclusive video interview with SLEEPAWAY CAMP's BAD GIRL, Karen "JUDY" Fields. Karen discusses playing the infamous character, a possible return, the fandom, and her first convention.

Sleepaway Camp II & III Interviews

Amy Fields Interview

Amy Fields

Promiscuous teenage sisters Jodi and Brooke snuck away from the fun filled camp activities to drink booze, get high, and have lots of sex in the woods. So what do you do with girls like that? You Barb-e-que them! Over 20 years later, we now have Amy Fields, one of the "Shit Sisters" returning from the Camp Grill to tell the tale!

Daryl Wilcher Interview

Daryl Wilcher

In this interview, Daryl returns to a camp full of good memories, cold shoots, and shares insight about what it was like camping with our favorite slasher, Angela at a place called Sleepaway Camp!

Kim Wall Interview

Kim Wall

Kim Wall, the lovely lady who played "Cindy" in SLEEPAWAY CAMP III: TEENAGE WASTELAND, has "dropped by" (flagpole pun intended) the website to talk camp with us.

Sandra Dorsey Interview

Sandra Dorsey

SLEEPAWAY Superfan, Barron Koon from South Carolina recently caught up with TEENAGE WASTELAND's Sandra Dorsey. Barron asked her if she would grant him an interview and she happily accepted.

Michael Simpson Interview

Michael Simpson

Director Michael Simpson shares a very informative and fun-filled recollection of his involvement with the Sleepaway sequels!!

Return to Sleepaway Camp Interviews

Erin Broderick Interview

Erin Broderick

An interview with Return To Sleepaway Camp's love interest, Erin "Karen" Broderick. Erin and I missed each other during the last few days to shoot an "on set interview" for the DVD. But, have no fear, Erin is here now and she's ready to talk camp.

Shahidah McIntosh Interview

Shahidah McIntosh

Of all the characters you don't want to mess with at Camp Manabe, Bella would probably top your list. But the tough-as-nails troublemaker, who brings back memories of Sleepaway Camp 3's "Riff," is very much the opposite of her real life alter-ego: Shahidah McIntosh.

Michael Gibney Video Interview

Michael Gibney

Michael Gibney - "Alan" Video Interview. Camp Manabe's newest "problem child" camper is everyone's favorite target.

Ashley Carin Video Interview

Ashley Carin

Ashley Carin - "Alex" Video Interview. Camp's bodacious babe lifeguard shares a Mel-Meg type romance with Vinny Pastore.

Felissa Rose Video Interview

Felissa Rose

Felissa Rose - "Angela/Sheriff Jerry" Video Interview. Felissa discusses how the film came to be and returning to CAMP 20 years later!

Kate Simses Video Interview

Kate Simses

Kate Simses - "Petey" Video Interview. Compassionate Counselor Petey likes rooting for the underdog.

Jonathan Tiersten Video Interview

Jonathan Tiersten

Jonathan Tiersten - "Ricky" Video Interview. Everyone's favorite hothead cousin, Ricky, is back to talk about RETURNing to SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2 decades later.

Adam Wylie Video Interview

Adam Wylie

Adam Wylie - "Weed" Video Interview. He was one of the "Children Of The Corn" and now he's a weed-smokin' pothead.

Mike Tatosian Video Interview

Mike Tatosian

Michael Tatosian - "Chef's Assistant" Video Interview. Michael discusses working on the original SLEEPAWAY CAMP (with Felissa) and the RETURN.