December 8, 2009

Remember the Sh*t Sisters! Remember the "Happy Camper song"? "Ohh, I'm a happy camper, I love to..." Well joining us here on the website is the co-vocalist of that catchy camp classic - Amy Fields! Click HERE to learn about AMY's camp experiences on the set of 1988's SC2: Unhappy Campers.

In the mood for a little holiday musical cheer? Check out Michael Puccio's new Zombie Christmas CD at WWW.ZOMBIECHRISTMAS.COM.

October 29, 2009

Only a couple days until Halloween Campers...and have we got a treat for you! A brand new exclusive video interview with the baddest b*tch at camp! CLICK HERE to catch up with Karen "JUDY" Fields!!

And we've got some more campy fun interviews in the works... so keep your eyes "peeled" and HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2009!!!!!!

September 28, 2009

More cool photos from SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION II have been added. You can also get a look at some of GENO's personal pics from the event and Superfan Thomas Pugliese's pics HERE.

JUDY'S BACK! And she's ready to blog. Karen "Judy" Fields just started her own BLOG page where you can keep up with JUDY. You can check it out here:

Canadian Superfan Greg Tiderington has launched his official fansite for Camp III badboy "Riff" at: You can submit questions for Daryl there and get them answered by the Riff-man himself.

Caesar & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre starring Felissa Rose will be making its EAST COAST premiere at this year's Long Island Film Festival in Glencove, Friday October 9th at 7:15PM.

Directly following Summer Camp will be the world premiere of it's 10 minute sequel, Caesar and Otto in the House of Dracula. The film picks up directly after the cliffhanger ending of Summer Camp and stars Ed Dennehy, brother of Brian, as Steve Dracula, Dracula's lesser-known younger brother. Shot entirely against green screen, the short film is a black and white throwback to the Universal horror movies of yesterday. You can view the Festival trailer here. The screening will take place at Perspective studios in Glencove. Tickets are $12, but that includes 2 features length films and 2 shorts.

Camper Ray Valencia sends us this recent photo of Sondra Maddox (from a "Rembrandt" commercial) who played "Anita" in SLEEPAWAY III.

...and Be on the lookout for a special HALLOWEEN TREAT next month: A Brand New Exclusive Video Interview with KAREN "JUDY" FIELDS. Halloween is coming. Get out your candy bags and curling irons!

September 6, 2009

Here's Your VIP ticket to SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION II - you can enjoy all the festivities on this exclusive new video HERE.

August 31, 2009

A large selection of photos from last week's SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION II at MonsterMania hits the site today! Feast your eyes on them right HERE. Thank you to all the fans who came out to Camp with us. Everyone had a BLAST! And Check back next week as the Videos from this amazing event will start hitting the site... and exclusive video interviews with JUDY and GENO! All coming soon!

To any Campers in the L.A./Beverly Hills area wishing to see SLEEPAWAY stalk the big screen again, there's a special 35mm screening of SLEEPAWAY CAMP coming your way during the first or second weekend of October. More details to come:

Filmmaker Dave Campfield's camp spoof "Caeser & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre"starring Felissa Rose has been making the festival rounds. Keep your eyes peeled:

And a HUGE congratulations to Felissa and Deron who have been celebrating the arrival of their baby boy, Thomas, on August 27.

July 16th, 2009

Only a little over a month to go until SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION II at MonsterMania. Get your curling irons ready! It's gonna be hot! I have received many emails asking if Felissa Rose will be attending this Reunion. Unfortunately, Felissa won’t be able to make this one - but don't worry, it's for a good reason! She will be celebrating the birth of her baby boy. As always, "Angela" will be back!

Paul "Ronnie" DeAngelo's directorial debut hit DVD in June! "Destination Fame" was written, produced, and directed by the jogging suited legend himself and features Felissa "Angela" Rose playing the overworked mother of the lead character. The DVD has been released through Universal's Vivendi Entertainment and is available all over! This high energy musical drama is aimed at the teenage crowd, but there is plenty of RONNIE all over this thing!Imagine RONNIE in a musical drama... tank top and all! No - I'm not kidding.

You can order the flick from online retailers such as or rent it on netflix or from your local video store.

Check out this cool piece of "Return To Sleepaway Camp" cartoon art sent in to us by Tony Andruss. Tony presents his favorite characters "Bella," "TC," and "Angela" in comic form!

Canadian Sleepaway guru Greg Tiderington sends us his YouTube video review of "Sleepaway Camp" here

You can also check out Greg's Sleepaway Camp Retrothon at:

Greg's been a busy camper as he also tracked down an 80's after-school special starring Jonathan Tiersten called "Seasonal Differences" and posts images of the show here:

June 10th, 2009

Some exciting news for you today! Many of you have asked me over the years, "When are you gonna put together another Sleepaway Camp reunion?" Well that time has come!!'s SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION II hits MonsterMania on August 21-23, 2009. I've gathered up some all time favorites and added 2 new Sleepaway Almuni to appear for their FIRST EVER CONVENTION! You're gonna finally have the opportunity to meet KAREN "JUDY" FIELDS and FRANK "GENO" SALADINO JR. And before you burn your smores, listen to the rest of the line up- PAUL "RONNE" DEANGELO, DESIREE "AUNT MARTHA" GOULD, JONATHAN "RICKY" TIERSTEN, and Creator/Director ROBERT HILTZIK!!! I'll be there capturing all the excitement for the website and getting some great footage for those who can't make it. The convention is located at the CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL in CHERRY HILL, NJ. Come camp with us! Check back for more details soon.

April 30th, 2009

We’re Baaack with another large update...starting with some great new technical website enhancements courtesy of our happy camper Tania. And we’ve got features! Lots of cool new features!

  • Exclusive interview with RTSC’s ERIN BRODERICK. Erin joins us on the website to talk about playing Camp Manabe’s love interest, Karen.
  • RTSC Behind The Scenes Preview - Here you will get a 5 minute preview of the documentary found on the RTSC DVD available from Magnolia Pictures Home Entertainment.
  • Jeffs On-Set Scrapbook - Take a flip through 60 exclusive photographs taken on the set of RTSC from Jeff’s personal collection. Some of these also appear on the DVD, but there’s also a bunch that are exclusive to the website.
  • FANGORIA’s 5 Page Spread on RTSC - Here you can view the entire 5-page article from Fangoria Magazine’s November 2008 issue (#278), which coincided with the November DVD release of RTSC.
  • Camp Manabe Interactive has some extra campy added design to heighten your campy experience!
  • Sleepaway Vision - Much of the website’s video content can be found right here in the Sleepaway Vision player. Just scroll your way through all the choices and watch whatever your burning heart desires.

But that’s not all campers. Be on the lookout in the next couple of weeks for a SLEEPAWAY announcement guaranteed to get some fans really excited! Until then, enjoy the new features and kick off your Summer Season Sleepaway Style!

January 28, 2009

This week's special guest on Sleepaway Radio is the man in red himself: the one and only PAUL "Ronnie" DeANGELO. You can tune in Thursday at 6pm EST and listen live and call-in to chat with Ronnie on Sleepaway Radio!.

Camper NATE spoke live on the air with KATHY KAHMI last week and sent us this cool Youtube video featuring lots of "Meg" and his conversation with her on the show...Enjoy!

January 20, 2009

Appearing this week on SLEEPAWAY CAMP RADIO, it's The M-E-G! That's right campers, this is your chance to call in and chat with Kathy Kahmi and learn all about her days at Camp. Hosting this week are "Ricky" himself, Jonathan Tiersten and webmaster Jeff Hayes. The show is at 6:00pm EST on THURSDAY JAN. 22, 2009. Go here for more info: