December 22, 2008

Enjoy the holidays campers! Maybe Santa will cram a copy of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP into your Christmas stocking with a bloody nail or two? Or maybe an axe? Whatever it may be, we hope your holidays are bloody good! RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP has been doing very well and that means even more exciting news for campers all across the world for the new year...2009 may start bringing some developments on the follow-up to asked for it...we're workin' on it: SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION!!!!!!!! Does Ronnie have some unfinished business? If Angela was the killer then what ever became of Peter? Does Ricky know something we don't? And what the hell ever happened to that crazy Aunt anyway??? Will this one take 5 years? Is Robert Hiltzik dead? Just when you thought it was safe to go back to camp... Robert Hiltzik isn't done yet boys and girls!

November 10, 2008

The fans have spoken! And some of them have even been so inspired by RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP that they have created some pretty amazing things! I encourage you to check out this wonderful video on Youtube:

November 4, 2008


November 3, 2008

The time has FINALLY come! Are you ready? RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP hits DVD nationwide on Tuesday. Let's kick off this celebration with a Brand New RTSC Interview! CLICK HERE to take on an INTERVIEW with Camp Manabe's funniest new Camper, BELLA, played by actress Shahidah McIntosh.

The WINNER of our Third RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP Contest is: JENNIFER ROSADO from Pennsylvania. Jennifer wins a 4x6 RTSC on set still of Jaime "Jenny" Radow signed by Jaime. Congratulations! There will be further contests this month so keep your eyes peeled.

Wanna leave a message for your favorite SLEEPAWAY Characters? Now you can! Ronnie, Angela, and Ricky have already left messages, so go ahead and join in on the camp fun! Have you ever wanted to say "we call 'em baldies," "it's a boy," or "she's a real carpenter's dream"? Well what are ya waiting for, go ahead and do it!

And don't forget to grab your copy of FANGORIA issue #278 on stands now! The world's #1 horror movie magazine delivers a 5 page spread on the movie full of pics, a set visit, and interviews with Robert Hiltzik, Felissa Rose, Jeff Hayes, and Tom Van Dell. It's a great RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY collectable... and there's more where that came from! A RTSC Merchandise section is on the way with RTSC hats, t-shirts, a music-inspired-by RTSC soundtrack, and more!

October 20, 2008

Felissa, Jonathan, and Jeff did a radio interview last night with CULTURE KLASH Radio from Miami, Florida. If you didn't get a chance to listen live, you can download the 60 minute show here:

October 17, 2008

Want to leave messages for the Sleepaway Camp stars and crew? Head on over to: and join up. It's fun, it's free! And some of your messages will be answered personally for everyone to hear. So what 'cha waiting for? Go ahead, have some fun!

February 27, 2008


How many years has it been now? Oh yeah, now I remember. How could I forget with all the reminders from SLEEPAWAY fans? Don't worry, I'm getting all your messages and I agree with you completely - it's time to see this movie released. Well, rumor has it that we're finally looking at release THIS YEAR. Supposedly the scoring has been worked out and a finished movie is on the horizon. But in the words of director Robert Hiltzik, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch!" Robert is still a bit bamboozled with the CGI fiasco and apparently it hasn't yet been exactly worked out to his satisfaction. What exactly does this mean? It means ... Until you get the official word, take everything with a grain of salt. A lot of you have noted conflicting reports. This guy is saying "this" and that guy is saying "that," but we've heard it all before. As many of you know, that is why I stopped updating every time somebody gets a nibble that usually just leads right back to the same ole circle. But I promise you one thing: as soon as I get the official word from Robert, I'll let you all know.

Remember UNDER SURVEILLANCE featuring DESIREE GOULD in her first feature film since SLEEPAWAY CAMP?

After a couple scenes were shot last year, the movie is now being released on DVD with a new title: DARK CHAMBER. The DVD will be out on Feb. 26th. You can purchase it online, in store, or Rent it on Netflix or Blockbuster.

Bonus features include interviews with Camp veterans Desiree Gould and Felissa Rose, behind the scenes featurette shot by's Jeff Hayes, commentaries, a location tour, and a documentary about the actual case that inspired the movie.

And you campers are gonna get a kick out of this:

Dave Campfield's next movie: CEASER AND OTTO'S SUMMER CAMP MASSACRE is set for release later this year from Camp Pictures. You can see the official trailer on YOUTUBE.