December 26, 2003

HAPPY HOLIDAYS Campers!! We hope you had a very merry Christmas and wish you all a happy, healthy, exciting New Year!! Who found a SLEEPAWAY CAMP Box set under their Christmas tree this year? Here at we have some EXCITING news to kick off the new year!! There is going to be a RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP panel at this year's East Coast FANGORIA'S WEEKEND OF HORRORS on JANUARY 10, 2004! Details below!

Chiller Theatre Presents

FANGORIA's Weekend of Horrors
Meadowlands Sheraton Hotel
2 Meadowlands Plaza
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
Ticket info: (201) 457-1991
Vendor info: (570) 575-1850
Hotel Phone: (201) 896-0500
SLEEPAWAY panel start time: To Be Announced



Any RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP additions will be announced here by January 8, 2004.

December 4, 2003

SLEEPAWAY CAMP'S 20th Anniversary!! That's right campers; it was on THANKSGIVING weekend 20 years ago that SLEEPAWAY CAMP made it's Big screen debut and began captivating audiences with it's unique story and shocker twists! So give your DVD's an extra spin this holiday season and celebrate 2 decades of SLEEPAWAY CAMP! And to help celebrate, we have some more excluive on-set photos of the upcoming sequel to the original classic!! Check them out HERE!

November 5, 2003


That's right campers, we have completed shooting on RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP! The movie now moves into postproduction and editing begins. As we get closer to the almighty release, we are going to have lots of fun contests where you will be able to win exclusive RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP signed photos and other goodies! In the meantime, we have some more NEW on-set photos for you RIGHT HERE!! Camp on over!!

August 7, 2003

The time has finally come for 2 of the 80's biggest slasher heroes to share the screen...and to mark this monumental event, SLEEPAWAY CAMP is gonna be there!!! The FREDDY VS JASON WORLD PREMIERE just outside of Austin Texas on SATURDAY, AUGUST 9 is gonna be one hell of a night! After the FREDDY VS JASON screening at 9:30 and a Q&A with the film's stars, the remainder of the night is going to be showing ALL Night CAMP movie screenings and first to follow FREDDY VS JASON is none other than SLEEPAWAY CAMP!!! On hand to help celebrate the RETURN of the 80's slasher flicks will be none other than Jonathan "Ricky" Tiersten!!

The event, being held at actual campground- CAMP BEN McCULLOUGH will start with camp activities during the day and lead up to the eagerly awaited World Premiere!! So if you are one of the 1000 people who will be attending this extravaganza, full of camp activities and grisly murders, wear your socks high and don't die!! For all the gory details, go to:

August 4, 2003

BILLY makes his Acting Comeback!! That's right campers, Loris Diran Sallahian returns to the bad boy type of roll that ignited his campfire as he makes his way back to the stage! Loris says, "I am making my return to the New York stage in a limited run of a New Gangster Musical called BUDDY CIANCI, THE MUSICAL. It has been somewhat controversial as it is based on the still living Ex-mayor of Providence, Rhode Island and his corrupt 20+ years in power. I play another Tough guy...BILLY lives!" You can check out the website for the new show RIGHT HERE. The show is playing at: THEATRO LA TEA on 107 Suffolk Street (between Rivington and Delancey) New York, NY 10002-3305.

SHOWTIMES are as follows:
SATURDAY 8/9 @ 8:00pm This Performance is SOLD OUT
MONDAY 8/11 @ 3:00pm
THURSDAY 8/14 @ 10:15pm
FRIDAY 8/15 @ 5:15pm
FRIDAY 8/22 @ 7:45pm
SUNDAY 8/24 @ 1:30pm

Tickets are $15. You can order tickets by phone (service charge additional? At: 212-279-4488 or 888 FringeNYC. Loris is very excited about his return to the stage and hopes to see some of you happy campers in the audience!! ... and last but not least, I'm going to answer this one ahead of time because I know it's the next question on your mind- YES, he is still attached to work in the art dept. on the eagerly awaited RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP.

July 13, 2003

A Special treat for RICKY fans awaits over at Jonathan Tiersten's band's website - WWW.TENTIERS.COM ...You can take a listen to his latest tune: "TIED UP (remix)." I think fans will particualary like the FRANKI VINCI'ish sound that creeps out at the beginning of the song. I talked with Jonathan a few nights ago and he is really excited about the new music that he and his band have been recording for their new album. Head over and give "TIED UP (remix)" a download! Jonathan also shared his enthusiasm about RETURNing to the screen as RICKY again..."Jeff, you and I both know that the new script is twisted and it would have to be coming from that twisted mind of Robert Hiltzik! It's gonna be great when we do this and as you and I know- the fans of the first film are going to love it."

We also have a new fan tribute from JARED HALL. It's such a cool thing to see that SLEEPAWAY lures in fans of all ages! Jared here wasn't even born when the film was made! How's that for staying power?? Check his sentiments out HERE!

April 29, 2003

We've got some Great News for Aunt Martha fans tonight! After an almost 2-decade long hiatus from acting, SHE'S COMING BACK- No Strings attached!!! Joining into the cast which includes SLEEPAWAY'S killer camper FELISSA ROSE in the upcoming flick: UNDER SURVEILLANCE, DESIREE plays the pain-killer addicted mother of the movie's main character.'s JEFF HAYES also makes a cameo in the film and shot some behind the scenes photos of DESIREE prepping and rehearsing for one of her scenes.

She was one of the craziest AUNTS ever to grace the silver screen! She gave a performance that people will never forget...and then...she vanished! Desiree Gould hasn't appeared in a movie in about 2 decades. SO you thought it was all "Water Under The Bridge" did ya?? THINK AGAIN! She re-emerged into the public eye at the SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION in 2001...and now she's ready to take your breath away once again...

Desiree tries on a New "Aunt Martha-like" Scarf as she gets into character!
At one of the production offices, Desiree and Jeff talk about her RETURN to acting and the amazing character that started it all.

Audio clips of the conversation

Desiree and Eric (who plays the film's lead, JUSTIN) go over one of their scenes.
As Desiree polishes up her lines, Jeff does a rehearsal for his cameo in the movie with director DAVE CAMPFIELD. SLEEPAWAY CAMPER'S take notice at the shirt Jeff is wearing...Any guesses??
In his appearance, Jeff talks to RICK (played by Writer/Director Dave Campfield) about getting some BOOTLEG Tapes! Hmm, I wonder if he has BEHIND THE SCENES of SLEEPAWAY CAMP?
In the movie, As Jeff walks into the house, Desiree PEERS in from the doorway!!! They watch a rehearsal of the scene.
Desiree blows everyone away as she rehearses a scene!! In the film, she plays NORMA, the pain-killer addicted mother of the lead chartacter. In this scene, she tries to reason with her son about their differences.
Something is missing from this picture, Why, I'm Sure Of It...Oh that's's a STRING around her finger!
Marth...I mean NORMA with her Cane
...and The Glamourous Desiree Gould!
Dave, Jeff, and Des in the Production office after shooting
Keepin' the Campfire lit- Aunt Martha and Jeff pose for a snap outside.

UNDER SURVEILLANCE also features SLEEPAWAY star FELISSA about the CAMP connection!

April 13, 2003

KATHY KAMHI NEWS!!! M-E-G returns to Television! Good news for Kathy Kamhi fans! I spoke with Kathy this weekend and she informed me that she is a series regular on the new DRAGNET TV series!! Kathy plays Detective Hubble. You can catch this lovely lady in 7 of the 12 episodes that were shot for the new series. Tune in and Check her out!!!

April 6, 2003

Check out Joy's cool new SLEEPAWAY TRIBUTE here! More to come later this month...

March 3, 2003

Goooood morning Campers! Good Afternoon and Good Evening too! Yea, yea, I know, it seems like I've been slacking on the updates. It's not intentional though, trust me! I just have a LOT going on between 3 movies and an album...But let's get to some updates!

FRANK SORRENTINO Update! Frank, who played "PETER" in the original SLEEPAWAY CAMP has recently informed me that he is starting his very own Clothing Line!! Let's hope it's not girl's clothes made for boys! (haha- just a lil' SLEEPAWAY humor)! FRANK will be launching the website for the clothing line soon and when he does, you can read all about it right here! Also, It just came to my attention that the link to my Interview with Frank had been broken...but it's back up now and ready to read!

We also present you with a New DARYLTOON created by SLEEPAWAY CAMP 3's Daryl "RIFF" Wilcher! Daryl has drawn some Cartoon art for the forthcoming GRANDMA'S SECRET RECIPE Sequel. Go to the DARYLTOONS Section and Check it out! In another interesting twist of SLEEPAWAY CAMP looks as though our buddy RIFF will be following in the footsteps of Felissa "ANGELA' Rose and Director Robert Hiltzik by starring in the GRANDMA Sequel! DARYL is set to play the host of an INSIDE EDITION-inspired Television program that is doing a segment on the GRANDMA House and Murders! Does RIFF have what it takes to Take on GRANDMA??

I have received FAN TRIBUTES from many of you...but many of you have not sent me a photo of yourselves to compliment your great articles... If you haven't done so, please submit a photo or 2 with your articles. Thank you! I'll get more up soon..

We will also soon have a BIG look at FELISSA ROSE'S new indie flick: TRITE THIS WAY. Well that's all for now folks...Keep On Campin' and more to come..

January 10, 2003


We have a new FAN TRIBUTE for the month written by RYAN BURGOS. Check it out right here!!

Also, in Anticipation for the forthcoming sequel to GRANDMA'S SECRET RECIPE, Our good buddy Daryl Wilcher ("RIFF" in SLEEPAWAY 3) drew one of his teRIFFic cartoons of GRANDMA herself. Check out his artistic skills RIGHT HERE! More to come...