November 21, 2005


Here's a new picture of Felissa and Deron's beautiful baby girl, Bianca. Notice the "Angela" eyes!

RICK JENSEN of Wisconsin is the winner of JUDY'S HALLOWEEN CONTEST. Everyone sent in great creative entries

October 31, 2005

JUDY'S HALLOWEEN CONTEST hits the site today for Halloween. The winner will receive a SLEEPAWAY CAMP still autographed by "JUDY" herself: Karen Fields. The contest starts today and ends on Friday

Contest Play and Rules

In exactly 31 words, tell me if you think "JUDY" survived her attack (and why) in SLEEPAWAY CAMP or if she should have died (and why)... Only 1 entry per person. At the end of your e-mail, please include your name, age, location, and e-mail address. WINNER will be contacted by e-mail on the weekend of NOV. 5th-6th 2005. Contest begins on HALLOWEEN, October 31, 2005 and runs until November 4, 2005. WINNER will receive a still from SLEEPAWAY CAMP autographed by Karen "JUDY" Fields.

Send your entry to:

Good Luck and Happy Campin'!

Contest has Ended!

Winner: RICK JENSEN, 43, of WI

Thanks for all your very creative entries Campers! All entries that kept their answers at exactly 31 words were automatically put into the drawing. We received many great creative entries. Here are the TOP 10:

Thanks for all your very creative entries Campers! All entries that kept their answers at exactly 31 words were automatically put into the drawing. We received many great creative entries. Here are the TOP 10:

I believe Judy survived the "Hair Curler Incident" - but not without physical scars and a NEED for payback. She knew who her attacker was and now, years later, it's JUDY TIME!
Rick Jensen, 43, Brookfield, WI

I think Judy is probably still alive because if her hair "down there" was as big as the hair on her head, Angela was probably just trying to singe it off.
Patrick Work, 32, TX

She survived the attack. She ended up in the burn victim's unit of the local hospital with the perverted chef. They're now married, but her husband is in jail for incest.
Brandon Hall, 18, Munson, PA

Evil never dies. Angela wanted Judy to feel the pain and humiliation that Judy caused her; she only left the curling iron up there long enough to mutilate Judy. Judy Lives!
Joe Filippone, 19, Golden, CO

Angela did not kill Judy, but punished her in the worst way - by taking away her sex. Horribly burned, no longer feeling like a "real woman". Her strong sexual allure destroyed.
James Cella, 28, Edison, NJ

I think Judy didn't survive her attack because when you see her hand go up in pain and then she drops behind the bed, then the counselors say she is missing.
Anthony Gentile, 21, Worcester, MA

I think Judy should have died because Angela was jelous of her.Judy should have also gotten killed because she was a bitch and a snob. Plus her killing was Great.
Sean Gamble, 25, Philadelphia, PA

Judy was cold as ice in more ways than one, when penetrated she simply cooled down the curling iron as well as shorting out the circuit. She survived the sadistic attack.
George S, 55, Clifton, NJ

Yes, I do believe Judy died from shock. Out of all the slasher films I've ever seen no death quite compares to the famous curling iron to vagina from sleepaway camp.
Dan Randall, 18, Apalachin, N.Y.

Judy survived Angela's attack so she could come back in a future Sleepaway Camp to have a vengeful catfight with Angela. The winner will hold down the bloody Sleepaway Camp crown.
Monica Kempskie, Newark, NJ

October 9, 2005

Horror fans attending the ROCK AND SHOCK Horror Convention/Concert this weekend in central Massachusetts were treated to a 1-time Sneak preview of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP.

Worcester, Massachusetts makes a small stab into SLEEPAWAY CAMP history On October 8, 2005. Jeff Hayes introduced the World Premiere of the RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP (first) trailer in his home city at the ROCK AND SHOCK Horror Convention.

Horror fans seemed genuinely thrilled as they watched a bunch of mean kids tormenting each other and caught glimpses at some of the film's nasty murders. Audience members asked Jeff if the film was a slasher-mystery period piece because they felt a strong 80's style horror-slasher vibe, a quality which they greatly appreciated and were thrilled to see being resurrected.

Following the trailer was a 4 minute behind-the-scenes preview, taking viewers on a brief tour of the set, hosted by original "Angela" Felissa Rose and Jeff Hayes. RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP is completing the final phases of digital post-production now, with a 2006 release to follow.

Also, Coming this week for all you festive campers: JUDY'S HALLOWEEN CONTEST! Keep your eyes peeled. One lucky winner will receive an Autographed still of Karen Fields as "Judy" in the original SLEEPAWAY CAMP.

October 2, 2005

A few cool news tid-bits for you today... Paul "RONNIE" DeAngelo is having an East Coast Red Carpet Premiere for his film: DESTINATION FAME on OCT 27, 2005. Sleepaway Campers are welcome to attend the premiere and meet "Ronnie" there! Go to: DESTINATIONFAMETHEMOVIE.COM for details.

The brand new website for actress FELISSA ROSE is now open! Check it out at:

And last, but not least, if you are in the Massachusetts vicinity on OCT. 8 and you would like to catch a sneek peek at RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP, you might want to stop by the ROCK AND SHOCK Convention and join Jeff as he drops an exclusive preview. You can visit the ROCK AND SHOCK website here:

July 1, 2005

Yet another web video treat hits the site today! Back in October of 1987, while production was underway on SLEEPAWAY CAMP III: TEENAGE WASTELAND, Atlanta News Channel 11 shot and aired a segment on the making of the film. You can now watch that great behind-the-scenes look Right Here!

June 30, 2005

We're on a roll here!! As of today, you can view the original promotional trailer for the video release of SLEEPAWAY CAMP II: UNHAPPY CAMPERS. You can enjoy it Right Here!

June 29, 2005

Uploaded the original promotional trailer for the video release of SLEEPAWAY CAMP III: TEENAGE WASTELAND today! You can enjoy it Right Here!

June 28, 2005

Uploaded the Original SLEEPAWAY CAMP theatrical trailer to the website today! Check it out Right Here!

June 27, 2005

I recently received an interview via e-mail from a SLEEPAWAY SuperFan from South Carolina, Barron Koon. Barron conducted a telephone interview with SANDRA DORSEY who played "Lilly" in SLEEPAWAY CAMP 3: TEENAGE WASTELAND and sent it here to the website to share with all the fans. You can check it out RIGHT HERE.

June 11, 2005

Daughter of Angela!!!
On Wednesday June 8, 2005, Felissa and Deron welcomed their first child, Bianca Rose Miller, into the world! "Angela" is now a Mom! Let's just hope there are no aunts like "Martha" in the family! Felissa and Deron send warm regards to everyone for all your love.

June 10, 2005

Paul DeAngelo's DESTINATION FAME Coming this fall! Paul "Ronnie" DeAngelo gave me the word today that his directorial debut "DESTINATION FAME" will be hitting theaters this Fall. Paul is also working on setting up a "DESTINATION FAME" Concert Tour which will feature performances by many of the movie's talented artists.

For movie photos, trailer, artist bio's, and more, Check out the website

April 20, 2005

At long last I'm pleased to announce the arrival of KAREN "Judy" FIELDS to the website. Karen has been the biggest SLEEPAWAY mystery over the past few years and now she's here to fill everyone in on what she's been up to. Grab a hot curling iron and click here for the exclusive interview.

February 19, 2005

An exciting new addition to the website today is the inclusion of online VIDEO! I'm pleased to bring you the first in a series of videos produced exclusively for the website. I'll be bringing you exclusive behind-the-scenes video segments ranging from The Sleepaway Camp Reunion to On-The-Set of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP. You can now watch episode #1: "RONNIE RETURNS" Featuring the red jogging suited legend, Paul DeAngelo as himself (and "Ronnie"). This interview/segment is your first video glimpse from the set of the eagerly anticipated sequel.

Click Here to check out the RETURN of your favorite head counselor!! Enjoy!!

February 11, 2005

A brand new INTERVIEW hits the site today! FRANK TRENT SALADINO JR. (better known as Counselor "GENE-O") returns to give us the low-down on how SLEEPAWAY CAMP changed his life! You'll find many interesting stories in here, including Frank's run in with "MEL" after shooting the movie (and how that made him consider leaving acting behind). You'll also learn about the dangers of fishing near Sleepaway Camp, a mysterious local farmer, "Gene-O's" latest enterprise, and much, much more! And to top it all off, FRANK sent us some great Never-Before-Seen PHOTOS from on the set of SLEEPAWAY CAMP, complete with "KENNY-IN-THE-BOX!" Check it all out RIGHT HERE!!

JONATHAN "Ricky" TIERSTEN fans in the AZ area may be interested in the following:"Adventures Of Getting Over The Girl" featuring a cameo by Jonathan Tiersten as Reverend Ricky will be showing at the Harkins Scottsdale 101 in Phoenix AZ on Feb 19th at 7:00pm. Tickets are on sale at for $5.00 a pop.

January 25, 2005

The forthcoming new Felissa Rose/Desiree Gould mystery-thriller: UNDER SURVEILLANCE is making it's theatrical premiere FEB 23rd on Long Island, NY at a special Advance Screening. Go to for more details. If you're in the area and want to see ANGELA and AUNT MARTHA share the screen again, be sure to check it out! The trailer for the movie is now online. You can check that out at Some of the cast and crew will be attending the screening and doing a Q&A which will follow.