September 24, 2006

Anyone in the Philly area wishing to see DESIRE "Aunt Martha" GOULD in her first full-length feature since SLEEPAWAY CAMP, Can check her out in the mystery/thriller UNDER SURVEILLANCE at THE FIRST ANNUAL TERROR FILM FESTIVAL in Philadelphia, PA on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17.

For more info, visit the website: SURVEILLANCE also stars SLEEPAWAY's FELISSA "Angela" ROSE.

May 31, 2006

FINALLY - An update!

Ok, let's start with the millon dollar questions:

What the heck is going on with RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP?? Why isn't it out yet?? You can find a long overdue update (along with a few new stills) in the Return to Sleepaway Camp section.

Are YOU a member of the myspace community?? Well if you are, then don't be shy and come join CAMP with us at the all new Sleepaway Camp Movies Myspace! Let us know if you're a camper or a counselor, a sexually misunderstood chef or a punk dishwasher, a "baldie" or an ecentric aunt . All types are welcome at Sleepaway Camp! Tell us what you like best about the movies. Come let fellow campers know who YOU are! You can check us out at

Get ready for RIFF'S Big RETURN to Horror! Daryl "Riff" Wilcher has 2 new gruesome horror/comedy movies on the way this year! First up is ZOMBEAK which is having it's theatrical premiere on JUNE 6, 2006 in Roswell, GA.

Anyone looking for info on the premiere should check out WWW.ZOMBEAK.COM for all the gory details. Daryl plays "Leviathan," the leader of an evil satanic cult !

Below are a few pics of the "SLEEPAWAY CAMP 3" bad-ass chillin' on the set:

...and to top it all off, "RIFF" will also soon be seen in a movie with original ANGELA: Felissa Rose! One of the other reasons for a delay in updating this site is because Webmaster Jeff Hayes has been hard at work on post-production for his forthcoming gore-fest: GRANDMA'S SLOPPY SECONDS. Daryl stars as news anchor "Riffley Rogers" while Felissa returns as news correpondent "Angie Angel" in the grisly tale of a cannabalistic grandmother who's looking for a few "bad apples" to put in her latest holiday pie! You can view the teaser trailer on the movie's website at WWW.THEGRANDMAMOVIES.COM.

"Riffley Rogers," host of television's "INSIDE ACCESS" gives viewers a "taste" of the Barbara O'Connor mystery.

The 73-year old Grandmother vanished on Halloween four years ago without a trace. Police found a stew in her refrigerator made out of the body of her son. Some believe she was a "witch" while others believe she was abducted. Find out the truth this Halloween.