Sleepaway Camp Reunion II at MonsterMania
Cherry Hill, NJ- August 21-23, 2009

Here it is campers: SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION II at MonsterMania! After 11 pages of requests for a "Sleepaway Camp Reunion" at MonsterMania and hundreds of fan requests to the website, it was time to do this again. This time around, I added 2 long sought-after Camp favorites for their first ever Convention appearances! Karen "Judy" Fields and Frank "Gene-o" Saladino got their first look at the world of Sleepaway Camp superfandom and you guys did not disappoint! Thanks much to all the campers who came out to the show with all your dvd's, posters, signs, artwork, and your overwhelming enthusiasm. The "Sleepaway Camp" Stage Panel was filled with campers from all over the place...and Robert actually answered your #1 question this time! YES, Sleepaway Camp will continue!!! Loud cheers echoed throughout the ballroom, the rec hall, and the cabins. The voices of campers from the past haunted the halls and walls. Aunt Martha and Judy aren't done yet!

Frank Trent Saladino Jr. (Gene-O), Desiree Gould (Aunt Martha), Creator/Director Robert Hiltzik,'s Jeff Hayes, and Karen Fields ("Judy") settle in for MONSTERMANIA!
Desiree and "Thriller" Director John Landis
An American Werewolf in New Jersey: John Landis and Ronnie
Desiree, Jonny Tiersten, Karen, and Frank- All together for the first time since 1982!
Desiree and Cheryl Hayes
Aunt Martha signs an awesome poster!
Geno and Jeff overlooking the waters of Camp Arawak... or is that some other lake?
Frank's Wife, Angie is about to get a Bloody Valentine from Harry Warden himself!
MonsterMania Super-Staffer Stacy with the man who created the legend
Geno remembers saving Ricky's life!
The SC gang poses for another group shot
Geno signs a Survival Kit!
Geno signs the classic image
Harry Warden PICKing on Jeff
Jeff, Karen, and Frank
Jeff and Paul get campy
Camp Superfan Nick and Wife swing by for a visit
Missy Hiltzik feels things getting a bit HOSTEL
Paul, Desiree, Jeff, and Karen
Judy signs an original SLEEPAWAY poster!
..What are you lookin at? HUH?
The Ballroom fills up as SLEEPAWAY CAMP takes over
Robert, Frank, Missy, and Angie pose for a snap
Ronnie and Judy
Paul adds his Ronniegraph to another Original poster
Paul signs Stacy's airbrushed Sleepaway Shirt
Roberts chats it up with a fan
Camp Superfan Joy with her Sleepaway tattoo!
Another Camp Superfan reveals his tattoo!!
Robert can't believe his poster is on an arm!
Robert signs the original 1-sheet
Robert takes a look at Sleepaway Skin Art
Paul chats it up with Superfan Nick
Paul signs a copy of Return To Sleepaway Camp
Dear Sleepaway Camp, I'm going out of my mind! Angela is killing again!

(Photography by: Cheryl Hayes, Jeff Hayes, Angie Saladino. Special Thanks to: Dave H, Stacy and Chris, John from ABK)

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