Sleepaway Camp Does Texas!

On October 18, 19, and 20th of 2001, SLEEPAWAY CAMP Returned to the Big Screen in Austin, Texas. The event organized by ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE proprietor Tim League (and his wife Karrie),'s Jeff Hayes, and Mr. Quint of 'Aint It Cool News,' marked SLEEPAWAY'S first time on the big screen since 1984!!! The movie was screened at MIDNIGHT on all 3 nights with a Q&A session (with director Robert Hiltzik, Felissa "Angela" Rose, Jonathan "Ricky" Tiersten, and webmaster Jeff Hayes) following each showing. The print of the film was Robert's personal copy and had only been played once before (for PARAMOUNT PICTURES back in 1983). So grab a seat y'all, sit back, and enjoy...SLEEPAWAY CAMP GOES TO TEXAS...

Check out this incredible CAMP ARAWAK SIGN replica made by DRAFTHOUSE Owner, TIM LEAGUE, for the screenings!
Felissa "Angela" Rose lounges at a good old fashioned Texas B-B-Que before the first screening.
Tim Does up some "Dee-Licious" grub for everyone at the pre-screening B-B-Que.
We all know the infamous ANGELA face as portrayed by Felissa Rose...this time I asked Director, Robert Hiltzik to make the face!!
Ohhh, so that's what y'all do out in Texas! Beers and B-B-Que's! LOL.
Felissa sucks down a wild west brewski!
Felissa and Jonathan "RICKY" Tiersten strike an interesting pose!
Felissa stands infront of a cult classic in the lobby of the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE.
Welcome to the Alamo Drafthouse! Now Playing: LEAGALLY BLONDE, AMERICAN PIE 2 and... SLEEPAWAY CAMP!!!!!!!
Before the screening begins, TIM announces SLEEPAWAY CAMP's Return to the Big Screen!
Guess Who's Back!!??
The TRAILER for SLEEPAWAY CAMP also RETURNS to the big screen!
And there it is
...Back where it belongs!
UNCUT ASS!! Yep, the film was shown in it's uncut entirety...
...watersnake revealations and all!
Angela, Ricky, and Aunt Martha haunt the theater!
Tim introduces the SLEEPAWAY Crew after the first screening.
Jeff waves to the crowd.
CAMP is back in session!
Robert answers some very interesting questions!
Felissa puts on a prissy "Judy" Face. LOL.
Team SLEEPAWAY does Texas!
Felissa tries to get a handle on the spotlight glare.
Jonathan is very much a showman...handling the stage like a true pro
Angela and Ricky all grown up!
Jon tells the crowd: "Jeff knew that SLEEPAWAY would make a comeback 5 years before any of the rest of us."
Jeff reveals to the crowd what's in "Grandma's Secret Recipe!"
Campin' on stage!
Here's a shot of SLEEPAWAY from the projection room.
Fans who attended the screening got to see a music video inspired by "SLEEPAWAY CAMP" made by a few cool fans from Houston!
Also Saturday night, fans got to see the SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION on the silver screen!

Audio Clips from the Event

So you wanted to go to one of the SLEEPAWAY Screenings in Austin, Texas BUT didn't live within driving distance... Well don't be sad, cuz you can live it up right here with SOUND CLIPS from the event! Turn on your speakers and hear what the crew has to say. Enjoy!

Robert explains the "Dynamics of SLEEPAWAY CAMP"

Felissa says the hell with these commercial SCREAM movies, we want the old school 80's horror flicks back!

Jonathan tells the crowd what he's up to these days

Robert explains why the filming of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP was postponed until 2002.

Jeff asks the crowd about ANGELA!

Felissa talks about "HORROR" Movies.

Felissa asks the crowd if they noticed any "Gay Undertones" in the film! LOL!

Jeff tells the crowd about a "Killer" Grandmother.

The audience asks if everyone felt "THE CRYING GAME" was a cheap imitation of SLEEPAWAY CAMP!! Listen to what Jonathan and Felissa have to say!