Memoirs of a moustache Man!
Interview with Allen "Frank the Cop" Breton

Interview by Jeff Hayes

Which do you prefer - A Real Man's Moustache ...Or The Plastic Caterpillar Stache?

"At least I'll go down in history for something" says ALLEN BRETON when asked how he felt about being remembered for his infamous moustache in Sleepaway Camp! He refers to the later moustache as "That plastic caterpillar thing" and explains that he had gotten called for another acting job and was told that it was okay to shave the moustache...but then was called later on to do the rest of Sleepaway and they slapped him with the PLASTIC CATERPILLAR!

With a great sense of humor, the friendly ALLEN BRETON told me of some interesting things that happened on the set of our favorite flick! For one, remember the uniform that he wore? Well the local police in Glens Falls had lent one of their actual uniforms for use in the film...they lent him the entire uniform complete with gun and holster. Allen, who knows a lot about guns, pulled out the gun to take a look. He was startled when he opened the chamber to find out that it was fully loaded!!! He immediately told them and had the bullets removed. Good thing Frank didn't have to shoot anyone in the film!

Allen with Paul DeAngelo

Another intereseting thing that happened on the set was one night when Allen and Mike Mahon (the Lifeguard who found Kenny's body) decided to fool around with a P.A. System that was in a shed on the campground. They found the system and started jokely singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," thinking that the crew in the rec-hall would get a good laugh out of it... A little while later, they heard some noises outside the shed. Mike told Allen to wait inside while he went to have a look. A minute later, Allen heard Mike saying things like, "NO, NO, Don't..." and "We were only goofing around!" Allen immediately went out to see what was going on. He was startled to see the camp care-taker holding a double barrelled shot gun pointed towards Mike!!!! The matter was resolved quickly once they explained that they were with the crew of the movie... But what had happened was that everything they were saying on the P.A. System was not going into the rec-hall But actually it was going over the lake and all the houses and stuff in the area heard their jokey singing!

Mike Mahon discovers Kenny's corpse under the canoe!

Allen had some good times on the set! He was amazed to hear of the website and the world of fandom and is very interested in checking it all out once he gets to a computer! He stayed in touch with Mike Mahon for a while after Sleepaway but lost contact over the years. Another interesting experience of Allen's happened sometime after Sleepaway Camp...he was on the subway one day and found himself sitting next to none other than our favorite Aunt: Desree Goulld! He remembers having a conversation with her on the subway and after he got off at his stop, He can remember saying to himself, "Wow, SHE'S WHACKED!!" That's right, according to Allen, she was very much like her character in Real Life!!! In fact he wouldn't be surprised if she still had a string tied around her finger! LOL! These days Allen no longer carries a badge but works with Hand Models, does some TV commecial stuff, writes and records Country Music, and is even writing a book based on a real life experience with the "Land-lord From Hell." He compares his story to the film Pacific Heights which stars Michael Keaton as a Psycho tennant who harrasses his land-lord...Only Allen's story is just the opposite! The LANDLORD is the Psycho and he is the tennant!!! When asked if he would like to play "FRANK the Cop" again in a future Sleepaway sequel...he enthusiastically replies, "Frank the Cop is Ready!" And I will be willing to bet you that in all of his years on the force, never has he seen anything like what he saw that spooky summer night at Sleepaway Camp!

Fun faces with Allen Breton