Remember the Shit Sisters!
An interview with Amy Fields

Interview by Jeff Hayes

It was summer 1988 at Camp Rolling Hills. The skies were blue, the water was warm, and the blood was about to spill. Promiscuous teenage sisters Jodi and Brooke snuck away from the fun filled camp activities to drink booze, get high, and have lots of sex in the woods! Their reputations always preceeded them and their fellow campmates referred to them as "the shit sisters." Of course the morally correct Angel Of Death, Angela Baker wasn't going to let these rotten sluts ruin her wholesome camp. So what do you do with girls like that? You Barb-e-que them! Over 20 years later, we now have Amy Fields, one of the "Shit Sisters" returning from the Camp Grill to tell the tale...

A remarkably well preserved Amy Fields...
...returns to Sleepaway Camp with us 21 years later!

What was it like to play one of the infamous "Shit Sisters"? I couldn't have had more fun if I WAS wasted! I had a great time working closely with Carol Chambers (Brooke) and creating a character who really had no boundaries. How did you get involved with SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2? I auditioned, and I was originally cast as Brooke, but because of the child labor laws, I was unable to play the part. I guess Mr.Simpson liked me so much he wanted to keep me in the production and cast me as Jodi instead. Had you seen the original SLEEPAWAY before going in for the sequel and what did you think of it? I have to admit, I knew Freddy and Jason, but I was completely unfamiliar with Angela. I remember hearing about the "Curling Iron Killing", and thinking what a bizarre way to kill somebody - COOL! What was your experince like working with Sleepaway's new "Angela" Pam Spingsteen? She was so easy going and down to earth. A real pleasure to work with, she was very nice to everyone. It was hard to be afraid of her because she was such a sweetheart of a person on set.

Your "sister" comes across your charred skeleton on the camp barb-e-que pit before she meets the same fate. Did you ever film a scene showing how your character was actually killed? Again, because I was under 18, the child labor laws prohibited me to be involved with any scenes involving sex or violence. So there was no filming of my actual death. I wasn't even allowed on the set when Carol did her death scene. I can remember hearing her blood curdling screams and wishing I was the one getting whacked. What was the ambience like on set? I think we all had a lot of fun working on SC2. Everyone seemed to get along very well. More like camping than working. What are some of your most fond memories of working on SC2 and some of your least favorite memories of it? Seems like the whole experience was a fond memory, but my least favorite memory was the day we were shooting the breakfast hall scene, that oatmeal WAS gross! We had to sit there and play with our "food" most of the day. When did you first see the completed movie and what was your reaction to it? I remember there wasn't an actual "screening" of the film in Atlanta, I had to wait for it to come out on cable TV. But because I didn't get to participate in the blood and gore stuff, I really enjoyed seeing it for the first time. Did you see Sleepaway Camp 3 the following year, and if so, what did you think of it? I have yet to see SC 3. On my list of things to do as soon as I can get my hands on a copy. I am putting the box set on my Christmas list :)

You found me through the Sleepaway site and got in touch with me after seeing it- Tell me what it was like for you when you first came across the website and saw the world of Sleepaway fandom out there. Blown Away!! I had no idea the series has such a big following, even though whenever I talk about being in the film people still know it and know the Shit Sisters! After all these years, who knew! I am thrilled to be a part of something that seems to have taken on a life of its own. What are you up to these days? I am taking some time off to take care of my family. After the holidays I am going to aggressively pursue another shot at a film career. What did you think of the recent "Return To Sleepaway Camp"? Was it cool for you to see a series that you were part of resurrected almost 20 years later? I was a little shocked to hear about "Return" after 20 yrs. It was cool to see how the story continues, and I couldn't help notice the open ending for another installment in the Angela Chronicles.

Wow! Amy has hardly aged since shooting the flick in 1987. I guess there are some perks to getting killed at SLEEPAWAY CAMP

Thanks to Amy for rising "out of the ashes" to share her fond camp memories with us!!