Peter Resurfaces!
The Frank Sorrentino Interview

Interview by Jeff Hayes


After a nasty speedboat accident in the lake surrounding CAMP ARAWAK, Peter Resurfaced! Well, of course you wouldn't know that it was Peter who resurfaced unless you saw the bone-chilling climax of SLEEPAWAY CAMP. It has been 18 years since then...and now, Peter has Resurfaced once again! After cheerfully finding SLEEPAWAY CAMP was still very much alive on the internet, FRANK decided it was time to head back down that road to camp. He enthusiastically told me how much he loves SLEEPAWAY CAMP and how it has been a dream of his to be reunited with the cast of the movie that has been with him most of his life. Well, here he is to shed some light on what it was like being 8 years old on the set of a horror movie and share his affection for SLEEPAWAY with the fans...

What was it like for you, being 8 years old, and acting in a horror movie? The entire experience of acting in this movie totally changed my life. Being 8 years old at the time gave me a sense of what I would do for my future. I feel that playing this role at such a young age was the best experience a child could have.

Do you remember much about filming the movie... and if so, what stands out most? I have many memories of the production as well as the casting process. One instance that sticks out in my head was the filming of the speed boat accident. I remember swimming in the freezing water. Being that the movie was filmed during a change of seasons, the water was FREEZING. I remember during one of the scenes falling off the boat, and busting my eye open from the mast of the sail boat!!! How did your family react to you starring in a horror movie at such a young age? My family was extremely supportive of the me during the entire process: from the casting through production. I am very grateful to have parents who devoted their time and energy, and allowing me to fulfill a once in a life time opportunity. My entire family was supportive, and to this day they are very proud of my accomplishments.

Here's a snapshot of Frank from on the set of SLEEPAWAY CAMP with little Angela and Big Angela!

What was your reaction the first time you saw the movie...and how do you feel about it these days? Well, it was so weird to see yourself on the screen in the theater. I remember going to see the movie in the theaters opening weekend with my parents, I watched all the people in the theater for their reactions during the "scary " scenes. I was so into the audience's reactions because I was there on the set, and remembered all of the behind the scenes magic that went into every scene. As for the second part of your question, this movie and the experience from the casting, & production have forever changed my life. I still love to watch the film, as do my friends and family. Had you done any other acting before or after SLEEPAWAY? I had never done any acting before SLEEPAWAY. My family always used to say I was very " an actor ". Even at a young age, I had always had an attraction to acting, and this film has made me realize my natural talents. As for after SLEEPAWAY, being that I was young my parents felt that I needed an education and felt that I should concentrate on school at the time. My parents used to always say that when " get older ", and still want to pursue a career in acting then I could . Well now is that time, and I do want to RETURN to doing what I feel comes naturally. I would like to pursue a career in acting, and possibly be in RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY.

How did you find out about the Official SLEEPAWAY WEBSITE? It was a complete accident, how I found out about the website. Almost like fate, similar to how I was cast in the original film of SLEEPAWAY. I was on the web one day, and it came to me to research " SLEEPAWAY CAMP ". Within minutes, I was amazed to see all the fans, that I had been in search of my entire life. I feel that destiny has brought me to the website for a reason. The same destiny that cast me in the first film. How do you feel about the whole SLEEPAWAY CAMP revival? I'm so excited about the SLEEPAWAY CAMP revival. This revival, is just what I always imagined for this film. I feel fans want to see the movie brought back, and want to see Peter a guy. Fans love a sick and twisted plot. Are you a fan of horror films? What are some of your favorite films? I am a fan of horror films, actually my favorite horror film is...yes you guessed it SLEEPAWAY CAMP.

Tell us something interesting that has happened to you because of SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Its hard to pin point one specific thing that has happened to me because of the movie. The movie, and the experience behind the movie is a big part of who I am today. While growing up, it was fun to bring the movie in to school and have the entire class watch the movie year after year. I still watch the movie with friends, and people I meet are so intrigued by the entire experience, and the fact that they know someone that was in a movie. How would you feel about playing a character in a future SLEEPAWAY? This is my favorite question. I welcome the opportunity, and look forward to the chance to work with the cast and crew again on RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY. I look forward to playing a part, (hopefully Peter) and working with Robert again. I feel that fate brought me to Robert initially for the casting of the first film. Now fate has brought me back into contact with the cast for RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY. Only time will tell what will happen, but I guess fate is leading me down this road back to CAMP.

A big thanks to Frank for resurfacing for us...And WATCH FOR some NEW FRANK PHOTOS Coming SOON!!