An Interview with Kim Wall

Interview by Jeff Hayes

Kim Wall, the lovely lady who played "Cindy" in SLEEPAWAY CAMP III: TEENAGE WASTELAND, has "dropped by" (flagpole pun intended) the website to talk camp with us. Kim has a role in the new Stephen King movie "The Mist" which opens in theaters everywhere this Thanksgiving. We are going to be shooting an in-depth video interview with Kim next year, but thought we'd give you some early Thanksgiving dessert to hold you over. Please feel free to e-mail your questions for Kim to the website, and many of them will indeed be answered in next year's video interview. How did you get involved with Sleepaway Camp 3? I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to audition for the part with the director. They were also casting for Sleepaway Camp 2 and my boyfriend, at that time, Tony Higgins was cast in the part of Sean Whitmore. He is now a minister.

You had one of the very best death scenes in SC3. The flagpole was wild! Tell us a little bit about shooting that scene. How far in the air did you really get hoisted and what was that like? That scene was a blast to shoot. I was wearing a body harness under my clothes. They used a crane to lift me up out of the shot. It was about 10 - 15 feet into the air. Pamela was not actually pulling the cord, she was just doing a very good job of acting like she was pulling it. I could actually see her through the bottom of the blind fold. Even though they hoisted me up high in the air, I was having too much fun to be scared. I love the sound effect of the skull hitting the ground. Very Gross!

What was it like to get a bowl of oatmeal stuffed in your face by Riff? First off, Daryl Wilcher was sweetie pie to work with. We really hit it off. I was a little nervous, with the use of the N-word in the scene because that is not language that I use personally. Daryl made me feel very comfortable and we had fun. The oatmeal in the face was why my hair was in a ponytail for most of the movie. What are some of the things you remember most about working on Sleepaway 3? It was my first film and a great introduction to a movie set. Everyone was nice and easy going which isn't always the case in this business. I remember saying "NO" to going topless in the scene when all of the girls are changing clothes. That is why I still had my bra on. I think the girls look a little self concious showing their boobs in that scene. But, they looked great!

Are you a fan of horror movies? And if so, what are some of your favorites? The Others, The Sixth Sense, Resident Evil and The Scary Movie series are a few of my favorites. Most horror films give me nightmares if I watch them before I go to bed. You currently have a role in Stephen King's THE MIST which hits theaters this week. Can you tell us about your role in the movie and what the whole experience was like for you? My character was trapped in a grocery store with alot of people when the mist rolls in. I play a Teriffied Woman who totally loses it. Becoming terrified everyday made me very jumpy on and off the set. The slightest noise would make me flinch. This is a very intense movie, very much a horrifing situation. I don't want to tell you very much. That would spoil it for you. My recommendation is to see it before people start talking about what happens. You will be horrified! Enjoy! gives a special thanks to Kim for joining us here on the website. Be sure to catch her in “THE MIST” this holiday season!