An Interview with Sandra Dorsey

Interview by Barron Koon

SLEEPAWAY Superfan, Barron Koon from South Carolina recently caught up with TEENAGE WASTELAND's Sandra Dorsey. Barron asked her if she would grant him an interview and she happily accepted. Barron was kind enough to share his interview with us. Here is the transcript as sent in to us by Mr. Koon. Enjoy!

Hi Mrs. Dorsey, how are you? Doing just great thanks for asking. How did you get involved with SC3? I had an audition with Michael Simpson then I got a call back and they gave me the part. What were your favorite scenes to film and why? The lawn mower scene. I couldn't bear to see it. I couldn't sit there and watch my "demise" (laughs). Also in the dining hall making the speeches to the campers with Michael Pollard. Did you really get buried in the dirt for the scene where Lilly gets lawn mowered? What was that like? For that scene, they had a big hole dug. I sat on sand bags then they surrounded it with plywood. Then they had split 4X8's around my head. They surrounded that with the dirt and leaves. They made it look like I was really buried there. Sometimes when I was sitting there filming the scene, my nose would itch and someone would have to come over there and scratch it for me. And while I was sitting there the make up artist would check my make up. (laughs) What experiences do you remember most about the movie?

What I remember most about the movie is how they set me up for the lawn mower scene. It was something else. Also working with Michael. He was a great person to be around and a great director. What do you think of the movie and have you ever bumped into fans who recognized you as Lilly from SC3? I thought the movie was great. I couldn't watch my "demise"(laughs again). I have gotten many letters from fans. I remember getting a letter from a 13 year old from Canada asking me for an autographed picture. What are you up to now? I formed an acting school in 1977 called Dorsey Studio's. We are in Atlanta, GA. I have been doing that and teaching there. I occasionally go to New York and teach there. Have you done any more movies since sc3? I have done broadway and a couple of off broadway things. I have a website called to let everyone know. I am also doing some writing. Do you keep in contact with any of the cast members from SC3? I have talked to Michael Simpson from time to time. I also talk to Haynes Brook and Randi Lane. But you know, most of them have moved on and moved away. Yes ma'am. Well thank you Mrs.Dorsey for taking your time in doing this interview with me and letting all the Sleepaway Camp fans know how you have been doing. No problem Barron, you're very welcome.