Sleepaway Camp III Deleted Scenes

A close-up of Dead Maria in the Garbage truck!
In the scene where ANGELA kills HERMAN, she originally impaled his face with her stick twice. Here is a shot of her second poke!
During this scene, SNOWBOY origanlly reacted a little longer to seeing his buddy's exploded firecracker face. Also his fatal blow was shot a few different ways.
In my favorite of the DELETED SCENES, ANGELA originally kicked ARAB'S Head off her severed neck after decapitating her.
Director Michael Simpson told me that nice little touch was Pam Springsteen's idea. I guess she really knows her character!
In the FLAGPOLE DEATH Sequence, a shot of Cindy's fresh corpse showed her shattered brains on the ground! This one was nice and gruesome!
...And in a sickening little touch, ANGELA dips her fingers into the fresh brains and takes a quick lick!
The infamous LAWNMOWER sequence was trimmed also... Although it is hard to tell as a still, You can see the lawnmower shoot out some blood and head fragments!
In this scene, the original shot actually showed BOBBY with his arms severed off and blood spurting from his stumps!!
Here we see Lilly's decapitated body with More bugs crawling over the severed stump!!
This brutally realsitic looking scene originally showed more of TONY with his freshly impaled pals.
When Marcia stabs ANGELA during the climactic final battle, Much more of ANGELA being stabbed (Close-up) was shot. I'm sorta glad they cut these extra scenes cuz they were very realistic and deep...making it harder to believe ANGELA could have survived.
The Ole Needle in the face Gag!
In the flick's original ending, ANGELA does the ANGELA RAP one more time as the Ambulance drives off...