Sleepaway Camp FX Workshop

Here you will get a look at some of the stunning creations that FX-Master Ed French created for SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Ed has worked in the make-up/special effects business for over 2 decades now. And as a matter of fact, SLEEPAWAY CAMP was one of his first serious gigs! His brutally realistic and well detailed props helped create some of the most unforgettable death sequences in cinema history.

CHRIS COLLET poses with his severed head
Ed's frighteningly realistic "Dead Kenny" prop

This is Ed's "Dead Billy" head

Ahhh, so that's what it looks like under all those bees!!

...and a longer view.

A side view of "Dead Kenny

A nice Gruesome look at Chris Collet's decapitation

Here's a look at Felissa Rose undergoing plaster surgery! Ed made a plaster mask of ANGELA'S face which was worn by a naked college man in the climactic final scene!

Special thanks to Valerie from France and Stephen Ryan for their contributions to this gallery

FX-Master Ed French from Fangoria Magazine in 1983

Over the years, Ed has done work on a variety of films such as the cult horror/comedy DEADTIME STORIES (1985) and the mega-blockbuster: TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY. Ed was also nominated for an oscar for his incredible effects work on the film: STAR TREK VI.